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This form is to propose running a class at the Manchester Makerspace. If it seems like a good fit, we'll follow up with you to work out the details.
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Please describe the class you'd like to run.
If you have a syllabus or outline you'd like to share, please include that as well.
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What are your objectives: what should a student walk away having / being able to do?
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What format is this class?
Have you run this class before?
Minimum number of students required for you to run this class?
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What equipment, tools, and/or supplies will you need?
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How should we promote this class in one paragraph?
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How much will the class cost, per student?
Please indicate any material cost separately. Revenue from classes either entirely benefits the Makerspace or is split 50/50 with the instructor.
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Are there any additional requirements for the class?
e.g. storage space, projector, computers, power outlets, external sponsorship, weather, moon phase.
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