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Puppy Questionnaire
Your assistance in completing this questionnaire will help us to place the right dog/puppy in your home. All information will be kept confidential and used only by us. If a question does not apply to you then just write N/A. Please do not skip any questions. Thank you for your cooperation and interest in WestBrooke Kennels!

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire to help us in finding the right dog/puppy for you.
Please feel free to contact us if you wish more information or have any questions. or visit

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How did you hear about us? *
What interests you about our dogs in particular? *
Personal Information - Name, Home Phone #,  Best time to call, Address City, State & Zip Code, Occupation(s): *
Email Address *
Are you 18 years or Older? *
What is your family situation? Do you have any children? Please list all members of your family, and children's ages if applicable. *
Why have you decided that a Labrador is the breed you wish to own? *
Have you ever owned a Lab? *
Please list any other breeds of dog, or pets that currently reside with you, or you have owned in the past. *
Are you looking for a young puppy or an older dog, and why? *
Is your preference a male or a female, and are you wanting a specific coloration? *Please note: While we try our best, we do not guarantee sexes (Male or Female) *
What is the most important reason for purchasing a Lab? *
Are all members of the family ready for a new dog/puppy? *
Do any members of your family have any types of allergies to dogs? *
Do you live in a:  (If other, please specify) *
Do you own or rent where you presently reside? *
If you rent have you discussed having a dog with your current landlord, and can you provide documentation that a puppy/dog is allowed? *
Is your yard completely fenced with secure fencing?
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If not would you be willing to do so before bringing home a new dog/puppy or build a secure run for the dog/puppy to be in when not being safely supervised? *
Who would be home with this dog/puppy during the day to feed him/her lunch and potty it? *
Would you be willing to let the breeder or a friend of the breeders come to visit the dog/puppy to see how it is working out in it's new home? *
All puppies come on a strict spay/neuter contract with AKC Limited Registration which means breeding rights are not allowed. Do you have any intentions on breeding this dog/puppy? *
If so, What would your reasons be for breeding? *
If you are looking to purchase a show quality dog/puppy are you willing to show it or have the breeder show it to his or her Championship? Or other areas of competing? *Please remember, this must be agreed upon and a separate contract ensues* Please explain. *
If you are unable to pick up a dog/puppy in person, what would be your nearest International Airport (include the name, city and state). *
Are you interested in obtaining a puppy within a particular time frame? *
Are you wanting a puppy from a specific breeding? (if so, please specify) *
If you lost your job or home because of Covid-19 or another reason what would you do with your dog? *
Do you understand that we require a $500 reservation fee to hold your spot & that it's non-refundable? (Exceptions would be if there isn't a puppy for you, or it became ill and passed away)
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Do you understand that our puppies are $3000, and that the remainder $2500 (after reservation fee) is due a week before the puppies go home? *Note! We’re currently running a $500 off special. So our dogs are $2500. $500 deposit, reminder $2000 due at pick up. 
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If you have any more additional info that would be helpful in placing the right puppy or dog with you, please feel free to add it below. *
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