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Out Together Application
Out Together is a yoga retreat for members of the LGBTQ+ community and their family members/loved ones to provide a safe space and resources for conversations around coming out, together. We are able to provide this experience for free for a limited number of community members because of generous donations from partners and sponsors. The retreat will be held Sept 11, 2021, in South Jordan Utah. Please fill out the application only if you and your loved one(s) can commit to the full event (9am-7pm). Fill out only one application per group (3 people max) please!

More information:
-About us: Ash (they/them), Kyndal (she/her), Mya (she/her) and Sloan (she/her) are 500hr Registered Yoga Teachers. As members/allies of the LGBTQ+ community they created Out Together to use yoga (which means to yoke or unite) as a bridge between community members and the people who love them during/after the process of coming out. We know coming out can be difficult and isolating, but when we do it together it can be joyful and liberating! Other guests include Eliot, a counselor at the Lotus Center, and Ramdas (he/him), a yoga teacher at the Bhakti House.
-No prior yoga experience required! We at Out Together believe yoga is truly for every body, and conduct our classes accordingly.
-Mats, chairs, blocks, bolsters, and straps provided. If you have your own you are welcome to bring them! Bring your own pillow and blanket for meditations.
-Two meals provided: breakfast and dinner, with a two hour lunch break.

Feel free to contact us on FB with any other questions or concerns!
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