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We are working on creating a new experimental print publication grounded in a community of contributors who welcome dialogue and creative exchange. We are interested in work that explores the following question:

What does it mean to connect in this moment?

We are seeking individual or collaborative 2-d work of almost all kinds (in response to the above question) including but not limited to:

Visual art/mixed media (collage, illustration)
Writing (poetry, storytelling, scholarship, critical essay)
Other (horoscopes, local news, recipes, lists)

We will welcome all thoughtful creative endeavors—please feel free to think beyond the above list. It is our hope that your work will live not only alongside, but directly in dialogue with other contributors, either through creative responses to submissions, collaborative endeavors, or projects as yet unknown.

Need a little more information? Please go here:

We welcome and are actively searching for submissions from people of all ages, colors, and gender identities, as well as feminist, and LGBTQ voices. Please feel free to submit work in any language.

We are looking forward to seeing your submission!

Submissions are due September 17 at 11:59pm!

—Emily and Lucia

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