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Epic Dance Studios Financial Aid Form
Remember to indicate if your child is enrolling in weekly classes or a performance company (Apprentice, Junior, Senior).

Please note: students approved for financial aid during the school year do not need to submit an extension form to enroll in summer camps and classes.

Epic Dance Studios provides thousands of dollars of financial aid to our dedicated students each month. We work to create a community for our students, in which everyone is a productive component of the program. Rather than provide Financial Aid, we prefer to offer Work Trade opportunities, in which students and parents exchange work for classes. Students must be a minimum of 14 years old and a recipient of Free or Reduced Lunch Program to qualify. For students younger than 14, parents would be responsible for working at the studio and/or helping with fundraisers and events at and for Epic Dance Studios in the work exchange program.

The deadline for all 2020-21 School Year Programs is August 3, 2020.
We will start accepting 2020-21 School Year applications on July 5, 2020.
* We accept applications through this form only. If completing this form as your application is not possible, please reach out so that we can find a good solution.

Epic Dance Studios’ “Promise Scholarship”
This merit-based award covers 50% of tuition costs for youth students in Epic Dance Studios. The purpose of the award is to encourage and applaud participation in dance training among hard-working individuals, who are traditionally under-represented in the art of dance - including boys, financially challenged students and youth with disabilities. The recipients will be selected annually by Epic Instructors.

Epic Dance Studios’ "Dancer Of The Year”
This merit-based scholarship covers 100% of the tuition costs for a dancer to attend the Tremaine Dance Workshop in Chicago. The purpose of this scholarship is to applaud the outstanding performance of an Epic Studio Dancer in and out of the classroom. The recipient will be selected by Epic Dance Studio Instructors.

If you have questions about or would like some assistance with the application, please feel free to get in touch with us at! We are glad to help.

* Full and partial assistance may be awarded and decisions are based on financial need and availability of funding.
* Applicants must reapply each school year.
* All financial and personal documents are considered private and confidential.
* If given permission, Epic Dance Studios may quote and publish from the student’s essay and will eliminate the student's identifying information.
* Good attendance is required for students to continue receiving financial aid.
* If partial assistance is awarded, the parent or guardian will pay monthly.
* Should financial aid be declined, applicants are still eligible for payment plans.
* Please submit all required documents.
* A completed application does not guarantee that financial aid will be provided.
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