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Join the i³ investing London & U.K. Chapter -  Queer Founders unite!
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1. Members receive access to exclusive perks from our strategic partners, early access to events, & will join our private, invite-only WhatsApp group for LGBTQ+ founders 
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(you can also apply to be featured to investors, with the opportunity to go through our investment syndicate)
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Data privacy
This raw data is for i³ investing only and will not be distributed. We will be creating a database with some non-sensitive information using this form (e.g. name, pronouns, and company details), which is for community members only. We will continue to work on queer & intersectional reporting to build greater transparency in the venture capital & startup ecosystem. All data is aggregated, deidentified, & anonymised (if you wish to opt out of any reporting, please let us know).
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