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Transcript Course Addition Form
All students must submit this form to add courses to their official transcript if the courses were taken outside the Lambert High School schedule. If the course was completed through GaVS or FVA, the grade will be reported to your counselor and you only need to complete this form. If the course was completed through any other online school, a formal grade report must be submitted from the institution through which the course was taken. The formal grade report must be submitted to the student's LHS counselor. *
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Student First Name *
Student Last Name *
Student LHS ID number *
Student Grade (2019-2020 School Year) *
Name of the Institution/Online Course provider *
Only ONE institution/online course provider per form submission. If the student took courses through multiple institutions, complete a new form for the additional institution/online course provider.
Enter the name of the online institution below ONLY if you answered "Other" to the question above:
Select the name of course(s) successfully completed. Select all that apply. *
Date that course(s) were completed
Summer (AB)
Fall (A)
Spring (B)
I understand that I must submit official course completion documentation which includes the student’s final course grade to the student's counselor at Lambert High School from the online school. *
I understand that the student's schedule will not be updated to reflect completion of the summer/online courses without the official course completion documentation. *
I understand that in accordance with Forsyth County regulation, Awarding Units and Transferring Credit, JBC(4)-R, VII. 1-Once credit is posted to the high school transcript it cannot be removed (VII, Credit) *
Parent Full Name approving the addition of this course to the student's high school transcript
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