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Forensics and Creative Theatre - FACT
"United in Diversity"
3. Nationality:
2. You are:
1. Gender:
4. I appreciate how people from other cultures are different from me:
6. Society would be better off if culturally different groups kept to themselves:
5. I incorporate the attractive aspects of other cultures into my way of doings things:
8. When I come in contact with people from a different culture, I find I change my behavior to adapt to theirs:
7. People from other cultures are not as open-minded as people from my own culture:
9. I understand that difference exists but believe that we should focus on similarities. We are all human:
10. I feel positive about cultural differences:
11. I believe that verbal and nonverbal behavior vary across cultures and that all forms of such behavior are worthy of respect:
12. I could compare important aspects of the different language and culture with my own:
13. I demonstrate willingness to interact with different culture group members:
14. I feel most comfortable living and working in a community where people look and act like me:
15. I have the ability to deal flexibly with and adjust to new people, places, and situations:
16. I can deal with my own prejudices as well as national and cultural stereotypes:
17. When I am working with people of a different background, it is important for me to receive their approval:
18. I feel free to maintain my personal values, even among those who do not share them:
19. We all have a right to hold different beliefs:
20. Do you think you are a person who has developed skills for intercultural interaction?
21. From the options below, choose the competence which you consider highly essential for a successful intercultural communication:
22. Choose one pattern of expression below that is most characteristic of the FACT coordinators in terms of intercultural communication:
23. How would you describe the foreign pupils in terms of their attitude to intercultural, ethnic and religious differences?
Your answer
24. How would you describe the foreign teachers in terms of their attitude to intercultural, ethnic and religious differences?
Your answer
25. What useful knowledge about intercultural communication have you acquired from the FACT project?
Your answer
26. What useful skills and language knowledge have you acquired from the FACT project?
Your answer
27. How would you evaluate your participation in the FACT project?
Your answer
28. Which partner country have you visited under the FACT project?
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