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NEEHU 11 Things You Can Bring!
Hi, wonderful person who wants to help out NEEHU! We want to make this con the comfiest and most awesome it can possibly be... and we need your help! Below is a list of things that we would love more of... so let us know what you can bring! Make sure to put your name on it or otherwise identify it as yours!

We've got social lounge spaces to furnish, complete with as many blanket tents as we can assemble!

We also are looking for some stuff for our dungeon!
Who are you?
How can we contact you?
What are you lending us?
When will you be arriving?
When will you be leaving?
Do you need help transporting stuff?
We might be able to help! Let us know if you have things from the above list and might not be able to get it to the con!
Please tell us anything you need us to know about your stuff!
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