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NACC ~ Mentorship Application
The Northern Arts & Cultural Centre Mentorship Program has been designed to help local emerging performing artists launch their careers by providing both business and artistic support over a duration of two years.

P R O G R A M O V E R V I E W :

- This mentorship aims to develop the business capacity of an artist in terms of business/marketplace/promotional planning and bookkeeping.

- NACC will help devise a tangible marketing placement plan to determine the best outlet for the artist's product. Furthermore, NACC will help to develop a mentee's knowledge of marketplace showcases as they relate to festivals, soft seat venues and house concerts, as well as understanding the divisions between different types of venues and what each of them expect in terms of presentation and organization.

- The program will establish a formal commission to develop a market-ready product which will be included as a NACC Seasonal Presentation or as a NACC-sponsored Special Event at some point within the 2-year cycle. The final product will be the first that is mentored by the artist into the marketplace.

- Most of the headline acts performing shows as part of NACC's regular season will offer master classes or workshops to those enrolled in the mentorship program.

- To help achieve professional goals, this program will offer artistic and business support to each mentee, and will provide office space as needed.

- NACC will encourage individuals to develop their own creative skills by finding them resources within the NWT, Canada or other countries, and will offer artists the opportunity to extend the scope of their work in new environments.

- The program strives to facilitate the exchange of ideas, knowledge and skills, leading to a wider understanding of the work of artists.

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