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Thanks for considering Reload for your night out. This form will tell you the different types of bookings and hires available to help you find the best option for your group. Once you have submitted this form we will get back to you as soon as we can.

If your group is less than 50 people you may wish to consider booking a table (or a few) instead of a private hire. The table(s) can serve as a home base for your group to explore the venue from. The cost for table booking is much lower than for a private hire as we don't have to exclude our normal customers. We generally ask for a deposit of $75 per expected 10 guests, which will go towards a bar tab on the night. Please also note that we generally cannot take table bookings for after 9pm as the bar becomes quite busy by then. We recommend making your booking start by 7pm or earlier so as to get a good run of the games before the crowds come in.

If you have a really big group, a special work function, or cash to splash then a private hire might be for you. You will get the venue all to yourself for a period that can range from 3 hours to the whole night. We can also run special events for your group as an extra.

Please note however that we do not allow private hires during the busy times of Friday or Saturday nights. This is because a) we don't want to upset our regular customers and b) the cost to you might be prohibitively expensive. We will however hire the bar out privately for the early part of the these nights (generally from 5.00pm - 8.00pm). If your group is very big then when we open the doors to the public you will still feel as though the place is yours.

Private hires *are* available for the early part of these nights, or for the whole night on any time inside our usual trading hours on a Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday. Private hires outside of our usual hours are also available depending on the date and size of your group.

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