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YFGM Mental Wellbeing Review
In 2014, YFGM adopted a Concern for Mental Wellbeing; part of the original minute noted that “[we] recognise that YFGM can nourish the mental wellbeing of all its members and feel a duty to further this within YFGM and in the outside world.”

As part of the ongoing witness to that concern, we have designed this questionnaire as the first part of a review to find out what is working particularly well at YFGM and what we could be doing better to ensure that YFGM has as positive an impact as possible on the mental wellbeing of all its members. We hope you can join us in this witness for positive mental wellbeing at YFGM by filling in this questionnaire.

Mental wellbeing describes your mental state - how you are feeling and how well you can cope with day-to-day life. It is relevant to all of us, no matter our health, wealth or other personal circumstances.

Please take care of yourself whilst completing the questionnaire; it can take as little or as much time as you choose to give it, but we ask that you consider setting aside enough time to answer truthfully and thoughtfully.

Participation in this questionnaire is entirely voluntary. You are not obliged to take part nor to answer all of the questions; there are no compulsory questions. Once having started to complete the questionnaire, you are welcome to discontinue at any point. You do not have to give a reason for withdrawing from the study, nor for leaving questions incomplete.

Any information gathered through the questionnaire will be strictly confidential and anonymous. Only members of the Mental Wellbeing Concern Working Group will have access to completed questionnaires. We will not pass on information about individual submissions to any third parties. Any information presented from the questionnaires will be anonymised to protect participants’ identities.

By submitting your questionnaire you indicate that you understand the information on this page and that you consent to the data you provide being used as outlined above.

For any questions before, during or after completing the questionnaire, please speak to a member of the Mental Wellbeing Concern Working Group or email

In Friendship,

YFGM Mental Wellbeing Working Group

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