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Buffalo Fun-a-Day 2018- by Sugar City
If you are interested in participating in Fun-a-Day please fill out this form. Simple as that! If you have any questions please contact


The idea is to do something you think is fun or interesting, do it everyday in February and document it in someway. It could be drawing, photography, swimming, pillow making or anything you can imagine. The project can either be 28 individual pieces, or one piece. For example you could make a unique drawing everyday, or you could make one drawing and work on it everyday. When all is said and done, there will be an art opening of everyones projects on March 22nd at Sugar City. Buffalo Fun-a-Day is Inspired by Philadelphia's ArtClash Collective Fun-A-Day

Facebook event:

February: Month of creating
March 01-17: Project drop off (Exact times will be emailed in February)
March 22: Art opening
April 21: Last day of the show
April 22-May 05: Project pick up

An e-mail will be sent out at the end of February for submission follow up.
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