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MEDS 2019 Participant Registration
MEDSworkshop Spetses 2019 26.07. - 12.08.2019

- After the participant call is closed the National Contacts will get in touch with you in via video call
and/or live meeting in order to verify the information you have provided.
- Once you get accepted you will receive an email of acceptance that includes the payment details
and method of payment.. make sure is whitelisted in your emails so we don't land in the trash
- Participation Fee is 290 Euros
- Cancellation conditions can be found here:
- Participants who are on the waiting list will be informed of this via email. In the case of spaces becoming available they will be notified of their acceptance and are expected to pay the participation fees within the specified timeframe to secure their place.

Email address *
Which team are you applying to? *
Select International if your country is not on the list
Photo of you *
We may use these for Badges and or in a Book so look pretty :) max 2MB please .. we can only take so much beauty
First Names (as per travel document) *
Surname (as per travel document) *
Nationality (nationality of passport you plan to travel with) *
Required Visa *
Gender *
Date of birth *
Age *
yeah, we struggle with counting :)
Phone number (00xx as country code eg: 00306900000000) *
e.g. to possibly set up a whatsapp group or if you wish to sign up for 6am wake up calls :)
Country of residency *
City *
your hood
Academic Level *
Profession or Major *
Title of your course or what you want to be when you grow up
University *
Would you describe yourself more as *
Have you studied or worked in other fields than design? *
Have you studied/worked abroad? *
If yes where? *
what? how? (erasmus, school, internship, ...)
How did you hear about MEDS? *
If friend or NC .. who do you know?
secret popularity contest
Are you an active member of MEDSnetwork? *
Are you a National Contact? *
Have you participated MEDS before? *
Previous workshops you participated in
Did you apply as a Tutor at MEDS 2019? *
Have you been a Tutor at MEDS before? *
In which profession (mentor) are you more interested in? *
This question does NOT finalize your selection of workshop. Final participation in one of these projects will happen during MEDS Workshop, first day of presentation.
Carriage Construction
Textile Weaving
Pebble Decoration
Greek Lettering
Sensory Garden
Video & Photography
First choice
Second choice
Third choice
Spoken languages *
Diet *
Health issues/allergies
Do you take any medication treatment?
If YES please write down the medication, if NO do not write down
Why do you want to participate in MEDS Spetses 2019? *
What has motivated you to apply? What can you offer the workshop as a participant?
What inspires you as a designer? *
what made you want to become a designer? What principles do you follow? Why is design important?
When have you successfully worked as part of a team? *
#teamworkmakesthedreamwork Whats your experience of working in team? Why is teamwork good/bad? What role do you play in a team?
Are you involved in any volunteer work? *
Student council, scouts, charities, sportsclub …
"Memniso" means to remember, recall. For your application we would like you to create a project that represents your vision of the theme. *
NAME THE FILE: Country_FirstName_LastName_ProjectTitle (e.g. Greece_Alec_Issigonis_theMini) Upload a small project to answer the previous question or show us inspiring projects a that use design to reimagine a way to utilise traditional crafts (photography, a small video of maximum 1 min, graphic productions, model, collage, text, or any free entry of your choice). This entry is a key factor in the process of participant selection. Don't forget to use the provided template for your project. If not used, the application will be rejected.
T-Shirt size *
Would you like to give a short talk?
MEDS is about learning from each other .. some evenings we hold Family talks where anyone can give a short presentation on a topic they are passionate about or think will interest the workshop.
Do you play a musical instrument?
MEDS is about learning from each other .. some evenings we hold Family talks where anyone can give a short presentation on a topic they are passionate about or think will interest the workshop.
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