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Cosplay Exhibition & Competition Registration Form for Nepal ESPORTS CHAMPIONSHIP AND EXPO 2019
Nepal E sports Association is hosting the Biggest Esport Competition and Expo 2019 happening on 6th and 7th of September with the total prize pool of NPR 9,00,000 /- .
Otaku Jatra will be managing the Cosplay Exhibition & Competition with the prize pool of NRP 1 Lakh .
It’s an Open competition so you can Cosplay from all the genre such as Gaming, Anime and Pop Culture.
Get a chance to shine and be part of the fantasy World.
The Registration fee is NPR 100.
Cosplayers can pay the registration fee on the day of the event itself.
More Information will be posted from Otaku Jatra. Stay tooned !
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Registration is now open !
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Thank you for your participation ^^ If you have any further questions please contact Otaku Jatra on any social media platforms.
We hope you have a great time.
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