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Dealing with Drama Community Panel
We are looking for any questions you may have about Drama for our Community Panel at the end of the Dealing with Drama TAW University. The panel will be made up of 5 senior members in TAW. This time the panel will include Cherry, Talisac, Subrat, Madmonk and Natalino. The questions should be about real events that have happened to you or that you have witnessed either in TAW, in game or even outside of TAW. The point of this is to learn how TAW handles specific situations based on TAW's CoE, CoC, policy and the panels personal and professional experience.

Please do not use your name or callsign or the names or callsigns involved in the situation. Also do not use dates, divisions or game names. Keep everything as generic as possible.

These need to be back in by April 27th.

The TAW U Dealing with Drama Will be at 4:00 CST 5 Eastern. If the all hands meeting runs long then it will start after the all hands meeting.

Disclaimer: The Community Panel are not professional therapists, doctors, advisers or any other thing you want to add in here. This is meant to give you a better understanding of how TAW deals with drama. If you choose to take this advice and use it outside of TAW then we will not take responsibility for it's potential effects.

Explain the situation you experienced and then the question you would like a specific panel officer to respond to. Be as descriptive as possible. *
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