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River West - MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers)
MOPS Survey 2018-2019
Thank you for attending River West MOPs 2018-2019 Find Your Fire! We want to be the best MOPs we can be and would like your input. Please answer honestly and openly; we value your opinion!
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How did you hear about the MOPs program? *
What are your greatest needs when joining MOPs this Year? (Check all that apply)
Has MOPs met all these needs?
If there is a need that is not being met, what is it?
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Please rank your satisfaction in each area:
Somewhat Unsatisfied
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Somewhat Satisfied
Atmosphere (meeting room/friendliness)
Meeting Agendas (order/pace)
Crafts (number/enjoyment)
Value for your money
Refreshments (quality/quantity)
Meeting Fees (affordable)
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Were you kept well informed of events and activities? *
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Check those that were most effective:
What creative activity did you like best?
Did you like the MOPs fundraisers?
Toy Drive
Paint Night
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Any ideas for future MOPs fundraisers?
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What was your overall impression of the social time and atmosphere of MOPs meetings?
Did you find the registration/payment process to be easy and efficient?
Were you greeted by a MOPs leader on your first day at MOPs?
Comments about finance/registration:
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MOPs Kids
How satisfied were you with the MOPs Kids childcare program?
Did the MOPs Kids workers follow specific instruction you provided?
Comments about MOPs Kids:
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What were your favourite topics/speakers that we had? (Please check your top 3)
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What topics would you like to see covered next year? Can you recommend any speakers?
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What was your overall opinion of your Group Discussion Time? (check all that apply).
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Did you feel connected to the MOPs group?
Did you attend most of the offsite meetings?
Why or why not?
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How could we help you connect better with the ladies in the MOPs program?
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What is your favourite part of a MOPs meeting?
Did you grow in your knowledge of God, or in your relationship with Him through MOPs?
Do you plan to return to MOPs?
Why or why not?
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Do you have any special talents, training, experience or interest that you would be willing to share with MOPs (for example as a speaker or volunteer)?
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Would you be interested in joining the Leadership Team?
Any other comments you would like to make about MOPs?
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