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CSC Super ePartners Profile Form
Thank you for your support of the department of computer science as a Super ePartner! Your responses to the questions below will be used to create a special "profile" page for you that will be linked to your logo on our ePartners page. The page has been designed to allow you to provide custom messaging to students to help shape awareness and understanding of career opportunities, culture, and current year needs. You may update your info at any time.

***Note that your profile page will be linked to your ePack account and automatically load any jobs or upcoming events that you have on ePack!***

How can we contact you?
Please provide your contact information should we have any questions about your submission.
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Telephone Number
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Company Info
The info you provide will be used to build your profile similar to the prototype at Note that some sections are required, while others are not. If no info is provided for a "non-required" section, that section will not be included in the profile.
Company, Agency or Organization Name
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Company Overview
Please provide an "About Us" type summary describing your company, markets, products, etc.
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Positions We're Recruiting
Provide a brief narrative or list of the types of positions you will be recruiting at NC State, like new grads, coops and/or interns.
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Describe specific academic disciplines & degree types you will be recruiting, skills you desire, and key requirements such as min GPA, US citizens only, etc.
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Primary Hiring Locations
List the primary hiring locations you will be recruiting for, we recommend no more than five.
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Special Programs
Describe any special programs you may have for your interns and/or new grads such as social groups, certification offers, rotational programs, management training, etc.
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Primary "Check Us Out" URL
Provide the one URL that you ultimately want to point interested students to on your company web site. It can be your main page, a special University Hire page, etc.
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Resource Links
Provide any additional URLs to sites you want to list under this section - examples include your benefits page, certification info, company reviews, etc.
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Link With Us On...
Please provide a list and links to any Social Media feeds that you want listed. Examples include, but are not limited to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.
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Video / Graphics Submissions
If you have any videos, photos, charts, graphics, etc. that you would like included on the site, please email them directly to Ken Tate at
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