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Online Version - Pop-Up Park Survey
How did you find out about this Pop-Up Park?
How would you rate this space in terms of comfort?
Very Uncomfortable
Very Comfortable
How would you rate this space in terms of safety?
Very Unsafe
Very Safe
How would you rate this space in terms of cleanliness?
Very Unclean
Very Clean
What do you like about the space. Please mark all that apply.
Did you spend money in any of the businesses in the area because you came to the Pop-Up Park?
If yes, how much?
Did you discover any new businesses in our downtown today because of the Pop-Up Park?
Do you have any suggestions or ideas to make this Pop-Up Park better?
Is this a good location for a pop-up park? Select the location you are currently at.
What other locations in our downtown do you think could benefit from a Pop-Up Park?
Should this be permanent?
Would you support the City of Winnipeg spending money to bring more pop-up parks into the downtown area?
What is your age?
Please identify your gender.
Please mark all that apply. How do you identify?
Postal Code
Would you like to be kept informed on this project?
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Any final thoughts?
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