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Source MN Internship Application
Anti-Trafficking Team Application
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Please give a short work and education history of the last 5 years.
Do you have any experience working with victims of sex trafficking or exploitation, organizations helping victims of sex trafficking or exploitation, or vulnerable populations? *
If yes, please explain where, with whom, how long, and how many hours per week you worked with this population.
Do you have any certifications or training?
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If Yes, please list certification and the date you received it.
Are you proficient in any language other than English? (Proficient here means the ability to read, write, hold and maintain a steady conversation revolving around resources, needs, and goals for the client)
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If yes, please specify which language(s) you are proficient in.
What would be your greatest contribution to the Anti-Trafficking Program at Source? *
What would be your greatest challenge working in Anti-Trafficking with Source? *
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? (Please note that this will not automatically disqualify any applicant) *
If yes, please explain.
Are there any additional areas of concern that would require accommodation from Source (medical, dietary or other)?
Why do you desire to be a part of the Source Anti-trafficking team?
Describe your current relationship with God as well as your comfort level ministering to people?
Will you have a car while you are volunteering with us?
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