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Please respond to the following questions using the Likert scale of:

1.Strongly Disagree 2. Disagree 3. Neutral 4. Agree 5. Strongly Agree

1. My teacher(s) or other adults in the building made me feel welcomed in the school.
2. My teacher(s) helped me understand my schedule and my way around the building.
3. My teacher(s) encourage me to join clubs or after school activities.
4. My teachers talk to me in the hallways and outside the classroom.
5. My counselor knows me and meets with me to discuss my progress.
6. My administrator takes time to listen to me and helps me when I ask for help
7. There is at least one adult in the building who knows me well.
When answering questions 8-16 think about how your relationship with your teacher(s) and how it affects your engagement and behavior in the classroom.
8. My teacher(s) are role models.
9. My teacher(s) have control of classroom behavior.
10. My teacher(s) have high expectations for me.
11. My teacher(s) motivate me and encourage me to succeed.
12. My teacher(s) offer a variety of activities to keep me engaged in class.
13. My teacher(s) connect what I am learning to life outside the classroom.
14. Teacher(s) give me extra help when I need it.
15. I share my concerns and ask for advice from my teacher(s).
16. The relationship with my teachers can influence my behavior and engagement in class.
17. I feel safe to express my opinion in class.
18. My school is clean and the facilities are in good condition.
19. I enjoy coming to school.
20. Teachers in this school treat students with respect.
21. My school provides activities and clubs that meet my needs
22. My school uses many methods to communicate and reach out to me and to my parents.
23. My school offers tutoring programs to help me succeed
24. I am treated fairly in this school.
25. The school events are interesting and promote teamwork and sportsmanship.
26. The teachers and other staff members respect the diversity of students and embrace it.
27. Freshman year is a good experience for me so far.
28. Please indicate if you are a male or a female
29. Please indicate your ethnicity.
30. Please indicate your overall grade average. Currently I am a(n)
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