Safe Around our Schools

CONSULTATION WITH RESIDENTS form the Lib Dem Focus Team in Prestwich

    Help us Campaign to improve safety around our local schools

    We're asking for your support in our campaign to improve safety around our local schools. We are all really proud of our 15 great schools in the Prestwich area, but we need to ensure that the roads around them are safe for students, parents, teachers and local residents. People often tell us about is illegal or unsafe parking around schools. Most parents pick up and drop off responsibly, but irresponsible driving and parking causes accidents and risks childrens', parents' and staff lives lives.” There isn’t a simple answer, but please join us in asking the Council to take action on School Safety: Reduce Speed – It’s great that the Council is introducing more 20mph zones, but some of the roads near to schools have traffic travelling too fast and need action on speeding cars. Safer Parking – The Council should take more action to identify and prosecute parents who park illegally – for example making use of it’s existing camera cars. Safer Walking – Many of our local schools already have excellent schemes to help parents and children walk to school if they can. In particular we need to improve safety at crossings of major roads. Safer Cycling – If cycling was safer we might use cars less. In Prestwich we don’t have enough safe cycle routes and crossing the major main roads is not easy.

    Lib Dem Team Campaigning outside one of our local schools

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