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Sumter County Board of Education
Suicide Awareness and Prevention Assessment I
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1.  Only one risk factor is ever known for each person who attempts suicide. *
2.  September is known as Suicide Prevention Month, and this is the only time in which suicide prevention activities should take place. *
3.  Suicide is the 3rd   leading cause of death for youth ages 10-24. *
4.   People who attempt suicide may or may not have a mental illness. *
5.  Only counselors and principals can intervene and help a student who is suicidal. *
6.  The Jason Flatt Act was passed in order to equip education institutions and their personnel to recognize and act on signs of suicide risk in order to provide intervention and “postvention” with students at risk, their families and the communities who may be affected. *
7.  Which of the following is considered to be a risk factor of suicide: *
8.  What should one not  do  if they suspect a child may be suicidal *
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