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ATBC Asia-Pacific Future Conservation Biologists subchapter
The Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation Asia and the Pacific Chapter has opened the Future Conservation Biologists subchapter. The goal of this new subchapter is to reinforce the involvement and representation of students and young conservation leaders in achieving the goals and activities of the ATBC Asia-Pacific Chapter and the global ATBC.

Within Future Conservation Biologists, the ATBC and its members will become more connected to students and young conservation leaders in Asia to help them reach their potential, not only their future careers in conservation but most importantly build their confidence to share their ideas and make them into reality.

This subchapter, will also serve as a venue for students and young conservationists to share ideas and experiences and challenges faced in doing conservation in their respective countries.

Specifically, the subgroup aims to:

1. Bring together students and young scientists working across Asia and the Pacific, and develop a core network for idea exchange and discuss conservation issues and efforts in their respective country.

2. Strengthen the participation and involvement of Asia-Pacific students during the ATBC chapter and main meetings.

3. Organize relevant activities for students during the ATBC meeting and their respective countries.

4. Develop a friendly and warm environment to connect students and experts to discuss ideas and challenges in conservation, provide peer support and learn together.

We want to be more connected to you! So here is a survey so you can tell us what you feel needs to be addressed, and how we can support you as a future conservation biologist in reaching your potential.
This will help us develop and propose activities that will match your needs, and build a brighter future for the future of Southeast Asian Ecology.

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