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Boxford Public Schools Parent/Guardian Policy Sign Off
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In the Boxford Elementary Schools we use computers, our network and the Internet to support learning and to enhance instruction. The Internet allows us to access information from around the world. At the Boxford Elementary Schools we try to provide all students with the tools to use this exciting medium in a responsible way while in a protected environment.
Children in the Boxford Elementary Schools do not have unsupervised access to the Internet or the computer and network.
Access to the Internet is a privilege and users agree to act in a responsible, considerate, ethical and legal manner. The Internet is to be used for educational purposes, defined as purposes directly related to a Boxford Elementary Schools assignment, project or activity.

Uses the Internet to research assigned classroom projects.
Uses the Internet to access online resources that may include text, graphics, video, multimedia and interactive software that supports and enhances classroom curriculum and objectives.
Follows all schools rules concerning behavior, language and respect.

Use the technology or the Internet to hurt anyone, be disrespectful to anyone or break any school rules.

While there are some “controversial” areas in the use of the Internet, it is now and will be in the future, the communication tool of our children’s present and future.

By checking below, you are signing that you have read and agree to the Boxford Public Schools Responsible Computer, Network and Internet Use. A RESPONSIBLE USER: *
2016-2017 Parent Handbook and 2016-2017 Student Handbook
Our family has read and discussed the 2016-2017 Parent Handbook and 2016-2017 Student Handbook. By signing this Signature Sheet, I am certifying:

My family understands the following expectations regarding behavior:
School Behavior and Code of Conduct
Riding the Bus
Anti-Bullying Rules

I understand the rules pertaining to:
Medication in School
Students Returning to School After Illness

By checking below, you are signing that you have read and agree to the Boxford Public Schools 2016-2017 Parent Handbook and 2016-2017 Student Handbook expectations and rules: *
Media Coverage
Occasionally the Principals, Local Media and/or Boxford local cable television desire to report on student and school activities, accomplishments, events, performances, photographs and quotes. Indicate your permission to include your child's image, quotes or work in a positive light, in media coverage of the school:
Local paper (may include full name)
Boxford community access cable television (may include full name)
School website and Principal’s blog (without full names)
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