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2021 HHYC Racing Events Volunteer Registration 白沙灣遊艇會帆船賽事志願者登記
Volunteering at Hebe Haven Yacht Club is a great day out on the beautiful waters of Sai Kung. It is a good way to meet new friends and to be involved in the exciting events organised by the Club!

No related experience required 無需相關經驗
Comprehensive training to provide 提供全面培訓
Individual days of race series acceptable 可選擇系列賽個別日子
Complementary food & beverage covered 賽事期間提供餐飲

Please fill in all fields marked with * 請於所有標註有 * 號的選項提供資料。

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For further information, please refer to “Yacht Racing” on HHYC's website or contact at or 2719 0926.
查詢請瀏覽白沙灣遊艇會帆船賽事網頁Yacht Racing,電郵予或致電 2719 0926。
Contact Information 聯絡資料
Full Name 姓名: *
E-mail 電郵: *
Contact Mobile No. 聯絡電話: *
Upcoming event(s) you wish to volunteer in 你有意參與的賽事:
Please specify the available date(s) for the event(s) selected 請列出所選活動可參與的日期
Field(s) you are interested 你有意參與的項目: *
Qualification(s) you have got 你已擁有的資質:
Training Programs/Seminars you would like to join 你有意參加的訓練計劃/講座:
Other information you would like to offer 其它補充信息:
Suggestions and feedback you would like to share with us to improve our volunteers recruitment work 你有意與我們分享的建議及反饋,以便我們進一步提高將來的志願者招募工作:
Club Affiliation (if applicable) 屬會相關信息(如有)
Membership No. (if applicable) 會員編號(如有):
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