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Annual Plot Agreement
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I understand that gardeners in good standing from the previous season will have first preference and may choose either the same plot or a vacant plot if one exists.
I understand that if I do not communicate a plot preference by April 15, or if I do not begin working my preferred plot by May 15, my reserved plot will be forfeit. (Exceptions must be discussed with garden coordinator.)
I will pay a fee of $30 for a plot to help cover expenses related to my use of the garden plot. I will turn in the plot fee with my signed Annual Plot Agreement and will complete a pre survey before I begin gardening. (If you are unable to pay these dues please let us know. No one will be excluded from the RCGA due to lack of funds.)
I understand that if I don’t maintain my plot throughout the growing season, I may be declined renewal for the following year. Maintenance includes removing all weeds and grass within 1 foot around the plot. Gardeners whose plots are overgrown will be given notice of the issue and given ten days to rectify the situation. If left unresolved, the plot may be reassigned to others.
I will notify garden coordinators if I am no longer able to tend to my plot; will be absent for more than a week; or have asked a friend to tend my garden.
I understand that I am required to give 2 hours per month back to the garden, either by participating in the work days, mowing the lawn, watering communal plants, or other volunteer activities at the garden. I will record my volunteer hours in a log housed in garden sheds.
Three work days will be scheduled for each garden; I understand that I am required to attend at least two of these work days. These work days will count towards my 2 hours per month. (Exceptions may be discussed with garden coordinator.)
I will plant tall crops only where they will not shade neighboring plots.
I will pick only my own crops unless given permission by the plot owner. I understand that if I take anything without permission: vegetables, tools, hose, plants or anything else, I will lose my plot immediately.
I will use only organic fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides, and use them in such a way as not to affect other plots. I understand that “Miracle Grow” is not to be used in RCGA gardens.
I will keep trash and littler cleared from the plot, as well as from adjacent pathways and fences.
I understand that all children under the age of 13 years old must be directly supervised by an adult, family member, friend, or other consenting adult on site.
I understand that RCGA has a full harvest/no waste policy and I will harvest crops once they are mature. Any mature fruit or vegetable that has fallen off of the vine and is in the pathway is ‘fair game.’
I understand that the garden area is open dawn until dusk, seven days a week. No night gardening!
I understand that each garden has a different compost system and I will dispose of plant materials in designated compost areas.
I understand that water is a valuable resource and I will use water conservatively. I will also turn off water spigots, and rewind hoses as a courtesy to other gardeners.
I understand that animals are not allowed in the garden.
I understand that there is to be no smoking in the garden.
I will clear my plot of fencing, trellises, string, all inorganic materials, dead plants, weeds and stakes from the plot by October 31st unless I have fall crops planted. I understand that if my plot is not cleared by December 31 I may be declined for renewal the following year.
I give my consent that RCGA may use photographs and videos for purposes related to the RCGA’s mission.
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