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Feedback for your Christian Institution
Have you participated in school, work, or spiritual life with a Christian Institution? Did that institution harm you, or cover up harm done to you in the form of homophobia, racism, sexual violence, or other oppression/discrimination?

Here, you can share feedback for that institution, and Into Account will hold your story confidentially, bring it to the institution, or publicize it as you request.

At the bottom of the form you can indicate what information you'd like shared or held confidentially. Into Account will never share your story or feedback unless you specifically ask us to.

The only report of harm that would require us to report to an outside agency would be current child abuse.
Name (Your name will remain confidential within Into Account unless you indicate specifically that you would like it to be shared) *
We will not share your name or contact you unless you specify later in the form that you would like us to do so.
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Name of Christian Institution *
We will not share the name of the institution nor contact them unless you specify below that you would like us to do so.
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Harm Experienced *
Feedback for your Institution *
Ex: policy changes, education, outside investigation, any other actions you'd suggest, anything you would like them to know. Into Account is committed to sharing your feedback as submitted barring threats of violence and/or illegal activities.
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Description of Your Experience (Optional)
You do not need to share your experience with us. You are welcome to if you'd like to. It can be as long or short as you prefer.
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Response Desired *
What would you like us to do with this information? If you'd like us to hold it confidentially for you as allies, we are happy to do so. We can also contact the institution directly, share to social media, or work with you to develop other advocacy options. It is completely up to you.
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Ex. Phone number and e-mail address, please contact me by e-mail first
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