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Plymouth Sports Complex Waiver & Release of Liability Form
DO NOT complete this form if you play in any of the following PSC leagues:

Advantage Soccer Clinics (Mondays)
Adult Flag Football League (Thursdays)
Co-ed Soccer (Thursdays)
High School Soccer (Fridays)
Youth Soccer (Saturdays)
Women's 30+ Soccer (Sundays)
Women's 40+ Soccer (Sundays)
Youth Lacrosse (Sundays)
High School Lacrosse (Sundays)

This waiver/registration is meant for programs where players are not rostered onto a team through the PSC website.
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Participant Waiver & Release of Liability Agreement Form
1) Each player must read this statement before completing the acknowledgement below.

2) Player's under the age of 18, a Parent/Guardian must read the statement below before completing this Waiver & Release.

In consideration of my participation in the sponsored activities of the Plymouth Sports Complex, I acknowledge, agree to and understand that:

1. WAIVER & RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I am fully aware of and appreciate the risks, including the risk of catastrophic injury, paralysis and even death, as well as other damages and losses, associated with participation in a sporting event. I further agree on behalf of myself, my heirs, and personal representatives, that the Plymouth Sports Complex, along with our staff, shall not be liable for any injury, loss of life or other loss or damage occurring as a result of my participation in the event, or as a result of equipment that may have been provided to me for these activities.

2. MEDICAL ATTENTION: I hereby give my consent to the Plymouth Sports Complex to provide, through a medical staff of its choice, customary medical/athletic training attention, transportation and/ or emergency medical services as warranted in the course of my participation in events held at the Plymouth Sports Complex.

3. READINESS TO COMPETE: I will only participate in games at the Plymouth Sports Complex for which I believe I am physically and psychologically prepared to compete.

4. CODE OF CONDUCT: I understand that good sportsmanship and a common respect for opponents, officials and the facility are expected. I also understand that if it is necessary, the Plymouth Sports Complex reserves the right to eject any player, coach or spectator, in the event it is found necessary to maintain a respectable environment for an athletic competition.
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