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Letter to Yale University Administration: Abolish the YPD
February 1, 2021

Dear President Salovey and Yale University administration,

We, the undersigned academic workers at Yale, call for the disarmament and abolition of the Yale Police Department. We ask for a robust Differential Response System without armed police, and a redirection of funds for policing to New Haven organizations that support underserved communities. In the wake of the murders of Black men, women and trans people nationwide by police in the last twelve months alone, we recognize, as the administration must, that the Yale Police Department is not an exception to this trend.

As faculty members, post-docs, graduate students, and other academic workers, we have been inspired by the demands made by undergraduate students and colleagues in response to racist incidents in our own institution and city over the past several years. In 2019, Yale and Hamden police shot an unarmed black couple, Stephanie Washington and Paul Witherspoon. In 2020, state police officers killed 15-year-old Mubarak Soulemane in West Haven. Structural racism and its expression in policing also directly affect Yale students on campus; consider, for example, the 2018 case of a white Yale graduate student who called the police on a black graduate student who was taking a nap in the student lounge of a shared residence hall.

Our demands follow strong and vocal movements among Yale’s undergraduate students. We thus join in their calls for these immediate changes:

The disarmament of the Yale Police Department;
That Yale University implement a robust Differential Response System devoid of police officers by the end of the 2020–21 Academic School Year;
That Yale University begin defunding the Yale Police Department, with the goal of dismantling the YPD by 2023;
That Yale reinvest these funds to support New Haven organizations that protect, serve and uplift Black and Brown communities.

Perhaps because Yale has the oldest campus police department in the country (1894), it may be difficult to imagine its community without a police force. But police departments on college campuses are the global exception, not the norm. Colleges and universities across our own country, and all over the world, maintain safety for their students without in-house police forces. It bears noting that the rise and proliferation of armed campus police forces in the United States was not a response to a rise in crime; it was a response to the student uprisings of the 1960s and 1970s. The signatories of this letter recognize that police abolition is a complicated issue, and while we may not all advocate for the wholesale abolition of municipal policing, we all agree that police forces have no place in universities.

Finally, we ask that Yale make these changes immediately. We do not ask for a task force, a committee, or an external review that will inevitably recommend reform. We already know that police reform is inadequate. Indeed, if police reform were effective, then we would not be faced with the rising, instead of falling, numbers of police shootings over the past decade. If police reform worked, members of families, communities, and universities would be alive and among us instead of being grieved and remembered. If police reform worked, the massive protests demanding justice for victims of police brutality in Portland, Kenosha, Ferguson, Philadelphia, Portland, and New Haven would not be so immediate, so pressing, or so widely supported. Policing does not make Yale University, or New Haven “safer.” Instead, policing enforces the divide between Yale and New Haven, and puts community members in both--especially those who are poor, Black, Latinx, and gender nonconforming--at risk. This is an opportunity for Yale University to improve its long-standing strained relationship with the city and to set a moral example for other universities by fulfilling its mission of “improving the world today and for future generations.”

In solidarity,

[Total signatures: 579 and counting]


1. Pamela M. Lee, Carnegie Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art, Department of the History of Art

2. Evren Savcı, Assistant Professor, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies

3. Zareena Grewal, Associate Professor, American Studies & Ethnicity Race & Migration

4. Lisa Lowe, Samuel Knight Professor of American Studies

5. Daniel Martinez-HoSang, Associate Professor of Ethnicity, Race & Migration

6. Laura Barraclough, Professor, American Studies

7. Tavia Nyong’o, William Lampson Professor of American Studies; African American Studies and Theater and Performance Studies

8. Jill Richards, Assistant Professor, Department of English

9. Jill Jarvis, Assistant Professor, Department of French

10. Cajetan Iheka, Associate Professor of English

11. Caleb Smith, Professor of English

12. Alanna Hickey, Assistant Professor of English

13. Eda Pepi, Assistant Professor, WGSS

14. Jonathan Wyrtzen, Associate Professor, Sociology

15. Terence Renaud, Lecturer in Humanities and History

16. Tisa Wenger, Associate Professor, Divinity School

17. Tim Kreiner, Lecturer in English and Humanities

18. Stephanie Newell, Professor, English

19. Catherine Nicholson, Associate Professor, English

20. R. John. Williams

21. Ben Glaser, Assistant Professor, English

22. Margaret Homans, Bird White Housum Professor of English and of WGSS

23. Ardis Butterfield, Marie Borroff Professor of English, Prof of French and Music

24. Greta LaFleur, Associate Professor of American Studies

25. Fadila Habchi, Lecturer, African American Studies and American Studies

26. Dan Magaziner, Professor, History

27. Paul North, Professor, Department of German

28. Feisal G. Mohamed, Professor, Department of English

29. Rene Almeling, Associate Professor of Sociology

30. Roderick Ferguson, Professor of Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

31. Nathaniel Adam, Lecturer, Department of Music

32. James Bhandary-Alexander, Medical-Legal Partnership Legal Director, Yale Law School

33. Annie Harper, instructor, Department of Psychiatry

34. Paula Watnick, Assoc Prof, Harvard Medical School

35. Monica C. Bell, Associate Professor of Law & Sociology

36. Billy Bromage, Assistant Clinical Professor of Social Work, Department of Psychiatry

37. Sam Hodgkin, Assistant Professor, Department of Comparative Literature

38. Jesús Velasco, Spanish & Portuguese

39. Michael Denning, William R. Kenan, Jr., Professor of American Studies

40. Gregg Gonsalves, Associate Professor, Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases

41. Fadila Habchi, Lecturer, African American Studies and American Studies

42. Samuel Moyn, Professor, Law and History

43. Claire Roosien, incoming Assistant Professor, Slavic Lang. and Lit

44. Marcela Echeverri, Associate Professor, History

45. Samuel McDougle, Assistant Professor, Psychology

46. Dylan Gee, Assistant Professor, Psychology

47. Anna Zayaruznaya, Associate Professor, Department of Music

48. Yarrow Dunham, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

49. Joanna Fiduccia, Assistant Professor, Department of the History of Art

50. Ben Glaser, Assistant Professor, Yale English

51. Molly Crockett, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology

52. Alka Menon, Assistant Professor of Sociology

53. John MacKay, Professor, FMS and Slavic

54. Kathryn Dudley, Professor, Anthropology and American Studies

55. Marijeta Bozovic, Assistant Professor, Slavic Languages and Literatures

56. Inderpal Grewal, Professor Emeritus, WGSS

57. James Scott, Sterling Professor Emeritus Political Science

58. Tim Barringer, Professor, History of Art

59. Hazel V Carby Charles Professor Emeritus African American Studies, Yale

60. Robin Dembroff, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

61. Anna Reisman, Professor of medicine

Graduate students, post-docs & staff:

1. Damanpreet Pelia, PhD student, American Studies

2. Abigail Fields, PhD student, French

3. Sam Huber, PhD student, English

4. Victoria Baena, PhD student, Comparative Literature

5. Choe Sariego, PhD student, Sociology and WGSS

6. Olivia R. Polk, PhD student, American and African American Studies

7. Frankie Barrett, Graduate Student, Yale AMST

8. Judy Kim, Postdoctoral Fellow, Psychology

9. Alexander Kolokotronis, PhD student, Political Science

10. Scott Gigante, PhD student, Computational Biology & Bioinformatics

11. Isabella Shey Robbins, PhD Student, Yale History of Art

12. Sahana Kribakaran, MD/PhD Student

13. Adam Waters, PhD Student, History

14. Harry Burke, PhD Student, History of Art

15. Steven Cohen, PhD Student, History

16. Yasmina Price, PhD Student, African American Studies and Film & Media Studies

17. Joshua Aiken, JD/PhD Student, African American Studies and History

18. Bench Ansfield, PhD Student, American Studies

19. Aanchal Saraf, PhD Student, American Studies and WGSS

20. Lisa Beyeler-Yvarra, PhD Student, Religious Studies

21. Minh Huynh Vu, Ph.D. Student in American Studies and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

22. Patricia Ekpo, PhD Student, American Studies

23. Cecilia Sebastian, PhD student, German

24. Clara Mejía Orta, PhD Student, History

25. Il'ia Karagulin, PhD student, Slavic Languages & Literatures

26. Áine Palmer, PhD Student, Music History

27. Sylvia Ryerson, PhD student, American Studies

28. Sofia Guimarães Cutler, American Studies, PhD

29. Joy Wang, PhD student, Political Science

30. May Conley, PhD student, Psychology

31. Yasmina Martin, PhD Student, History

32. Mia Kang, PhD Student, History of Art

33. Sophia DeLeonibus, Phd Student, History

34. Dolma Ombadykow, PhD student, American Studies

35. Jessica Mollick, Postdoctoral Associate, Psychiatry, School of Medicine

36. Andrew Newitt, MAR student, Yale Divinity School

37. Aditya Kumar, PhD Student, History

38. Richard Velazquez, PhD Student, History

39. Alice Shen, MD - Yale Psychiatry Department

40. Javier Porras Madero, PhD student, History

41. Max Nelson, PhD student, English

42. Pau Rius Valor, PhD Student, Music History

43. Leila Ben Abdallah, PhD Student, Political Science

44. Marco Ramos, MD PhD, Psychiatry and History of Medicine

45. Madeleine Han, PhD Student, American Studies

46. Katie Kirkland, PhD student, Film and Media Studies & Comparative Literature

47. Jacob Morrow-Spitzer, PhD Student, History

48. Rashina Seabury, PhD candidate, Psychology

49. Cortney Simmons, Postdoctoral Associate, Psychology

50. Jessica Marion Modi, PhD Student, African American Studies & English

51. Alec Barrett, PhD Student, Genetics

52. Héctor Peralta, PhD Student, American Studies

53. Max Chaoulideer, PhD Student, Germanic Studies

54. Xavier Lee, PhD Student, Comparative Literature

55. Mitchell Herrmann, PhD Student, History of Art and Film & Media Studies

56. Danielle Chiaramonte, Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale School of Medicine

57. Pooja Sen, PhD Student, History of Art and Film & Media Studies

58. Isaac Jean-Francois, PhD Student, African American and American Studies

59. Vlad Chituc, PhD Candidate, Psychology

60. Yeon Soon Shin, Postdoctoral Associate, Psychology

61. Lucinda Sisk, PhD Student, Psychology

62. Marlene Berke, PhD Student, Psychology

63. Entung Kuo, PhD Student, Psychology

64. Megha Chawla, PhD Student, Psychology

65. Alexis Brieant, Postdoctoral Associate, Psychology

66. Natalie M. Wittlin, PhD Candidate, Psychology

67. Anne Mishkind, PhD candidate, Political Science

68. Alexa Duchesneau, PhD Student, Anthropology

69. Brittany Levingston, GSAS Alumni Fellow, English & The Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library

70. Tess Grogan, PhD student, English

71. Andie Berry, PhD Student, African American Studies and English

72. Vickie Wang, MD Student

73. Seamus Dwyer, PhD Student, English Department

74. Rebeca Vergara, Medical Student, Yale School of Medicine

75. Micah Siegel, PhD student, English

76. Maria del Mar Galindo, PhD Student, English

77. Nichole Roxas, PGY-3 Resident, Psychiatry

78. Arthur Wang, PhD Candidate, English

79. Daniel Hirschel-Burns, PhD student, Political Science

80. Adare Brown, M. Arch I student, Yale School of Architecture

81. Kelvin Ng, PhD Student, Department of History

82. Ray Lahiri, PhD Student, Classics and Comparative Literature

83. Maru Pabón, PhD candidate, Comparative Literature

84. Peter Conroy, PhD Student, English

85. Rene J Kooiker, PhD Student, Comparative Literature

86. Ted Hamilton, PhD student, Comparative Literature

87. Zoë Burgard, PhD Student, Comparative Literature

88. Leana Hirschfeld-Kroen PhD student Comp Lit and FMS

89. Vanessa Gubbins, PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature

90. Lillian McCabe, PhD Student, Religious Studies

91. Spencer Lee-Lenfield, Ph.D. student, Comparative Literature

92. Erica Hwang, MD student, School of Medicine

93. Jae Rice, PhD Candidate, Dept. of Comparative Literature

94. Klara Zimmerman, MEM 2021, YSE

95. Avery Siler, Graduate Studet, School of the Environment

96. Joshua Randall, PhD student, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

97. Alejandra Hernandez, YSE '20

98. Zander Pellegrino NoVa Organizer CCAN (YSE 2020)

99. AJ Hudson, JD student, Yale Law School

100. Carl R. Rice, PhD Candidate, History & Classics

101. William Glasspiegel, PhD Candidate in Af. Am. Studie and Am. Studies, Yale University

102. Sam Zacher, PhD student, Political Science

103. Alison Clemens, Head of Processing, Yale University Library

104. Mark Firmani, JD student, Yale Law School

105. Patricia Thurston, Librarian, Yale University Library

106. Xanni Brown, PhD Candidate, Psychology

107. Anna Franz, Assistant Head of Access Services, Beinecke Library

108. Rebecca Hatcher, Preservation Librarian, Beiencke Rare Book and Manuscript Library

109. Micah English, PhD Student, Political Science

110. Dylan Davidson, PhD Student, English and Film & Media Studies

111. Jacob Chen, Graduate Student, Public Health

112. Noel Nichols, MFA Student, School of Drama

113. Stephen Ross, Public Services Manager, Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library

114. Nancy Escalante, PhD Student, American Studies

115. Ezra Ritchin, JD student, Yale Law School

116. Hallie Voulgaris, PhD student, Music

117. Clifton Boyd, PhD Candidate, Music

118. Tyler Brown, PhD Student, Genetics

119. Hannah Srajer, PhD Student, History

120. Nick Rogers, PhD student, History

121. Carlos Valladares, PhD student, Film and Media Studies and History of Art

122. Monique Flores Ulysses, PhD Candidate, History

123. Kate Birkbeck, PhD Student, History

124. Beans Velocci, PhD Candidate, History

125. Sohan Vartak, PhD Student, Physics

126. Alec Wood, PhD Student, Music

127. Christina Ellsberg, PhD Student, Religious Studies

128. TJ Grayson, JD Student, Yale Law School

129. Vu Horwitz, PhD Student, History of Art

130. Katherine Ponds, PhD student, African American and American Studies

131. Gregor Quack, Phd Candidate, Art History

132. Elizabeth Keto, PhD Student, History of Art

133. Emily Ziffer, Graduate student, Slavic studies

134. Pavithra Vijayakumar, Medical Student, Yale School of Medicine

135. Aditya Chander, PhD student, Music

136. Michael Bruschi, Ph.D. Candidate, Music

137. Diana Lozano, Graduate Student, Yale School of Art Sculpture Department

138. Jacinda Tran, PhD Student, American Studies

139. Amina Ross, MFA Candidate, Sculpture Yale School of Art

140. Riley Duncan, MFA Candidate, Sculpture

141. Maile Speakman, PhD Student, American Studies

142. Chloe Emerson, PhD Student, Genetics

143. Fiona Bell, Graduate Student, Slavic Languages and Literatures

144. Hana Stankova, PhD student, Slavic languages and literatures

145. Jocelyn Proietti, PhD Candidate, African American and American Studies

146. Mary Carole Overholt, M.E.D. student, Yale School of Architecture

147. Sarah Kim, M.Arch I ‘22, Yale School of Architecture

148. Alex Kim, M.E.D., School of Architecture

149. Erich Kessel Jr, PhD Candidate, History of Art and African American Studies

150. Jake Gagne, Jock Reynolds Fellow in Public Programs, Yale University Art Gallery

151. William Glasspiegel, PhD Candidate in Af. Am. Studie and Am. Studies, Yale University

152. Nathalie Miraval, PhD Student, History of Art and Architecture

153. Bayan Abubakr, PhD Student, History

154. Alexandra M. Thomas, African American Studies/ History of Art PhD student

155. Laura Pappalardo, M.E.D. student, Yale School of Architecture

156. Theo Breen, PhD Student, Music

157. Mila Samdub, MED, School of Architecture

158. Gavi Levy Haskell, PhD Candidate, History of Art

159. Mark Alan Noble, PhD Candidate, Genetics

160. Kohar Avakian, Ph.D. student, American Studies

161. Tadas Bugnevicius, PhD candidate, French and Film & Media Studies

162. Tamen Pérez, Graduate Student, Yale School of Art Painting/Printmaking

163. Alex Fialho, PhD student, History of Art & African American Studies

164. Kathryn-kay Johnson, MFA Candidate, Graphic Design Yale School of Art

165. Dana Loo, RN, MSN student, Yale School of Nursing

166. Marie-Fatima Hyacinthe, PhD Student, Public Health

167. Vanessa Bittner, PhD Candidate, Sociology

168. Maryam Parhizkar, Ph.D. candidate, American Studies and African American Studies

169. Charlotte Hecht, Phd Student, American Studies

170. Alison Kochersberger, PhD Candidate, Genetics

171. Nora Heaphy, research assistant (staff), Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

172. Tim Gabriele, Recruiting Coordinator, Yale SOM

173. Rosie Aboody, PhD Candidate, Department of Psychology

174. Maria De Jesus Benitez, PhD Student, Genetics

175. Luke Melonakos-Harrison, Graduate student, Divinity

176. Teona Williams, African American Studies

177. Rebecca Boorstein, PhD Candidate, History

178. Molly Harris, PhD Student, History

179. Alexander Williams, PhD student, History

180. Amanda Joyce Hall, Graduate Student Worker, History and African American Studies

181. Fisayo Akinlude, PhD Student, History

182. Megan Hauptman, J.D. Student, Yale Law School

183. Federica Parodi, PhD student, Italian Studies

184. Michaela Feinberg, PhD Student, History

185. Doyle Calhoun, PhD Candidate, French

186. Laura Logozzo, PhD Candidate, School of the Environment

187. Taylor Rose, PhD candidate, History

188. Luke Stanek, MA in East Asian Studies '20, PhD student in History

189. Catherine Treesh, PhD Candidate, History

190. Micah Jones, PhD Candidate, African American Studies

191. Peter Haskin, PhD Student, History

192. Natalie Cauley, Law '21

193. Paul Seltzer, PhD Candidate, History

194. Lauren Crawford, PhD Student, History

195. Ayse Cicek Unal, History

196. Sara A. Misgen, PhD Candidate, Religious Studies

197. Anna Duensing, PhD Candidate, History and African American Studies

198. Eva Landsberg, PhD student, History

199. Micah Khater, Ph.D. Candidate, African American Studies and History

200. Demar Lewis IV, PhD Candidate, Sociology & African American Studies

201. Chris Chambers, PhD Student, Political Science

202. Sophia Lindner, PhD Student, Sociology and African American Studies

203. Alyssa Chan, JD Student, Yale Law School

204. Gwen Prowse, PhD Candidate, Political Science & African American Studies

205. Salonee Bhaman, PhD Candidate, History/WGSS

206. Courtney Brown, PhD Student, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry

207. Lily Novak, JD student, Yale Law School

208. Rachel Rosenberg, PhD Candidate, History

209. Caterina Franciosi, PhD Student, History of Art

210. Sara Gelles-Watnick, PhD Student, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry

211. Isabella Galdone PhD student History of Art

212. Kristina Rapuano, Postdoctoral Associate, Psychology

213. Francesca Ginevra Beretta, PhD student, Classics and Comparative Literature

214. Kathryn Graves, PhD Student, Psychology

215. Sydney Green, MD/PhD Student, History of Science and Medicine

216. Valerie Tornini, PhD - Postdoctoral Associate, Genetics

217. Kayla Thomas, PhD Student, Sociology

218. Sumita Ghosh, PhD Candidate, Applied Physics

219. Delfina P González, PhD Candidate, Genetics

220. Sophia Kitlinski, PhD Student, History of Art

221. Maya Sandler, PhD candidate, History of Science and Medicine

222. Simon Torracinta, PhD Candidate, History of Science and Medicine

223. Kathryn Berg, PhD Student, Genetics

224. Jamie Morris, Administrative Assistant, English

225. Rachel Talamo, JD Student, Yale Law School

226. Casey Grun, MD/PhD student, School of Medicine

227. Alexander Lin-Moore, PhD student, Genetics

228. Martin Shaun Rosenfeld, Postgraduate Research Associate, Genetics

229. Jessica Moore, PhD candidate, Genetics Department

230. Angie Liao, LAW '22

231. Poonam Daryani, JD student, Yale Law School

232. Nketiah Berko, JD student, Yale Law School

233. Marnie Lowe, JD Student, Yale Law School

234. Andrew Ntim, J.D. Candidate, Yale Law School '22

235. Susannah Howe, J.D. Candidate '23

236. Zoe Masters, Law '22

237. Nathan Smith, PhD Student, Music

238. Patrick Liu, JD student, Yale Law School

239. Aaron Kelley, JD Student, Yale Law School

240. Aaron Bryce Lee, J.D. Candidate '23, Yale Law School

241. Emily Cox, PhD, History of Art

242. Chelsea Connelly, PhD Candidate, History of Art

243. Abigail Bazin, JD Student, Yale Law School

244. Ann Sarnak, JD student, Yale Law School

245. Jane Jacoby, JD student, Yale Law School

246. Liam Hynes-Tawa, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Music

247. Mikayla Harris, JD Candidate, Yale Law School

248. Eden Almasude, MD - Yale Department of Psychiatry, Yale-New Haven Hospital

249. Kelsey Henry, PhD Candidate, American Studies

250. Gavriel Cutipa-Zorn, American Studies, Yale University

251. Alison Kibbe, PhD Student, American Studies & African-American Studies, Yale University

252. Najwa Mayer, PhD, Yale American Studies '20

253. Alexander Strzelecki, PhD student, Comparative Literature

254. Efe Igor, PhD Candidate, History

255. Luna Zagorac, PhD candidate, Physics

256. Nataliya Braginsky, New Haven Public School Teacher and Resident, Yale New Haven Teachers Institute Fellow

257. Nebojsa Todorovic, PhD candidate, Comparative Literature

258. Yahel Matalon, PhD candidate, Comparative Literature

259. Clara Wilson-Hawken, PhD Candidate, African American Studies/American Studies

260. Gabrielle Printz, PhD Student, Architecture History & Theory

261. Isabel Ortiz, PhD student, American Studies

262. Ellen Louis, PhD candidate, American Studies

263. Irene Kwon, JD candidate, Yale Law School

264. Brennan McDaniel, PhD Student, American Studies

265. Emalie Mayo, St. Administrative assistant, Drama

266. Katy Maldonado Dominguez, PhD Student, American Studies

267. Lucero Estrella, PhD Student, American Studies

268. Taiga Christie, MPH alum 2019, current Yale School of Public Health and Yale Schwarzman Center Staff

269. Bobbin Ramsey, Yale School of Drama 2024

270. Jason Cody Douglass, PhD Candidate, Film and Media Studies & East Asian Languages and Literatures

271. Angie Diaz, PhD Candidate, American Studies

272. Ever Osorio, Ph.D. candidate AMST WGSS

273. Dana Khabbaz, J.D. Candidate, Yale Law School

274. Kristin Hankins, PhD Candidate, American Studies

275. Jacob Culver, PhD Candidate, Cell Biology

276. Carson J Bryant, Ph.D. Candidate, Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry

277. Rajeev Erramilli, PhD Student, Physics

278. Nicholas Ottone, PhD Student, Political Science

279. Emily Condiff, PhD candidate, Immunobiology

280. Garrett Allen, Directing MFA Candidate, Yale School of Drama ‘24

281. Liana Boraas, Postdoc, Genetics

282. Max Clayton, PhD Student, American Studies

283. Savannah Sather Marquardt, PhD student, History of Art

284. Juan Fernando Luna, J.D. Candidate, Yale Law School

285. Eleanor Roberts, Yale Law School 2022

286. Adela Foo, PhD Student, Art History

287. Wisteria Deng, PhD Student, Psychology

288. Faith Lewis, J.D. Candidate, Yale Law School

289. Sophia Helverson, PhD candidate, French Department

290. Camila Caballero, PhD Student, Psychology

291. Richard Riddick, PhD Candidate, French

292. Emma Caridad Perez, J.D. Candidate, Yale Law School

293. Kyra Blas, Yale Law School 2023

294. Gustavo Reis da Silva Louro, PhD Student, Spanish and Portuguese

295. Jessica Yu, MAR '21, Yale Divinity

296. Martha Engvall, PhD student, Spanish and Portuguese

297. Joyce Yusi Zhou, PhD student, history of art

298. Jacob Santos, Graduate Student, Yale School of Drama

299. Will Koller, PhD Student, Psychology

300. Emil Beckford, Postgraduate Research Associate, Psychology

301. Sydney Muchnik, PhD Student, Genetics

302. Amelia Dunnell, J.D. Candidate, Yale Law School

303. Anna Word, Research Assistant, Yale Cancer Center

304. Evan Okun, MBA Candidate, School of Management

305. Sam Steinmetz, PhD Student, German

306. Sanah Bhimani, PhD Student, Physics

307. Anne Taylor, PhD Candidate, Sociology

308. Lorenz Hegel, Ph.D. Candidate, Film & Media/German

309. Kami Choi, J.D. Candidate '21, Yale Law School

310. Renata Nagy, PhD student, History of Art

311. Manon Gaudet, PhD student

312. Raymond Fang, Yale Law School c/o 2023

313. Melissa Barton, Curator of American Drama and Prose, Beinecke Library

314. Jennifer Lu, Alum, Editorial and Production Assistant, Yale University Art Gallery

315. Herdimas Anggara, MFA student, Yale School of Art

316. Estée Rubien-Thomas, PhD Candidate, Psychology

317. Jill J. Tan, PhD Student, Anthropology

318. Kathy Chow, PhD student, Religious Studies

319. Leslie Gross-Wyrtzen, Postdoc, African Studies

320. Eric Martin Feltham, PhD Candidate, Sociology

321. Jeffrey Niedermaier, doctoral candidate, East Asian Languages & Literatures

322. Caitlin Casiello, Ph.D. candidate, EALL & FMS

323. Sara Siwiecki, PhD Student, Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry

324. Vanessa Barrera, PhD student, German

325. Upasna Saha, Yale Law School 2023

326. John T Gonzalez, PhD Student, Experimental Pathology

327. Erica Busch, PhD Student, Psychology

328. Erica Ho, PhD Candidate, Psychology

329. Muye Zhang, PhD candidate '21, Linguistics (& BA '15)

330. Randi Martinez, PhD student, Linguistics

331. Sarah Eppler-Epstein, JD student, Yale Law School '21

332. Isabelle Laurenzi, Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science

333. Mariana Diaz Chalela, PhD Student, History Department

334. Puya Gerami, PhD Candidate, History Department

335. Patrice Collins, PhD Candidate, Sociology

336. Madeline Reinecke, PhD student, Psychology

337. Imani Tucker, PhD student, English

338. Sharon Mizbani, PhD Student, History of Art

339. Aron Ramirez, Ph.D. student, History

340. Sarah Robbins, PhD candidate, English

341. David M. de León, Ph.D. Candidate, English

342. Daniel Swain, PhD student, English/WGSS

343. Margaret McGowan, PhD candidate, English

344. Stephanie Ranks, PhD Candidate, English

345. David Wood, PhD candidate in Anthropology

346. Anna Shechtman, Yale Alumni Fellow, English and Film & Media Studies

347. Chris McGowan, PhD student, English

348. Holly Steach, Graduate Student, Department of Immunobiology

349. Nicole Carroll, MAR ‘21, Yale Divinity School

350. Jordan Brewington, J.D. Candidate 2021 Yale Law School

351. Eli Pales, YLS '22

352. Ramis J. Wadood, Yale Law School ‘21

353. Madison Rackear, PhD candidate, Genetics department

354.Kevin Chen, Yale Law School ‘23

355. Cole Lympus, Research Assistant, Psychology

356. Emily Jo Coady (JD '22)

357. John Stachelski, Graduate Student, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures

358. Sean Blink, Ph.D. Candidate, Slavic

359. Mina Magda, PhD Candidate, Slavic Languages and Literatures

360. Moya Mapps, PhD Student, Yale Department of Philosophy

361. Amanda Weiss, PhD Student, Political Science

362. Amy Basu, PhD Candidate, Political Science

363. Tobi Haslett, PhD Candidate, English

364. Andrés Bustamante, PhD Candidate, History

365. Emily Glider, PhD Student, English

366. Joana Andoh, YC ’17 YSM ’22

367. Anne Lessy, PhD candidate, History Department

368. Logan Emlet, MESc, Yale School of the Environment

369. Mie Inouye, PhD candidate, Political Science & Religious Studies

370. Grace Judge, Yale Law School '22

371. Michaela Haffner, PhD student, History of Art

372. Adam Viera, YC'03, YSPH PhD Candidate

373. Victoria Hepburn, PhD Candidate, History of Art

374. Laura González Mantecón, Graduate student, School of the Environment

375. Sylvi Stoller, Grad Student (starting Fall 2021), Department of Physics

376. Neelu Shruti, Graduate Student, YSN 23

377. Zachary Carter, PhD Candidate, Chemistry

378. Ridge Liu, PhD student, physics

379. Christine Olson, PhD Candidate, History of Art

380. Clare Fentress, M.Arch. I, Yale School of Architecture

381. Deepika Padmanabhan (PhD Student, Political Science)

382. Tamar Kaminski, MD student, School of Medicine

383. Nala Williams, PhD Candidate, Anthropology and African-American Studies

384. Guinevere Oliver, MPH Student, YSPH EMD

385. Maria Plascencia, PhD Student, American Studies

386. Kate Needham, PhD Candidate, English

387. Julia Monk, PhD Candidate, Yale School of the Environment

388. Jacqueline Ly, PhD Candidate, History

389. Michael Stern, PhD student, Linguistics

390. Esteban Crespo, PhD Student, Spanish & Portuguese

391. Jun Won Park, PhD Candidate, Management

392. Eva Quinones, PhD Candidate, Political Science

393. Karina López, PhD Candidate, Spanish and Portuguese

394. Elisa Crabeil, PhD Student, French

395. Emily Siniscalco, Graduate Student, Immunobiology

396. Elaine Louden, MPH ‘22

397. Iman AbdoulKarim, PhD Student, Religious Studies

398. Lilla Orr, PhD Candidate, Political Science

399. Therese Cordero Dumit, PhD Student, Immunobiology

400. Sarah Rapoport, PhD Student, History of Art

401. Jane Nichols (PhD student, RLST)

402. Dennis May, PhD Student, Genetics

403. Nicola Angeli, PhD Student, French Department

404. Kailyn Gaines, Law '23

405. Yiting Wang (Yale School of Environment, MESc '14)

406. Reed Miller, Postdoctoral Associate, Environment

407. Morgan Galloway, Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science

408. Elaine Emmerich, Yale Law ‘22

409. Amanda DiMiele, PhD student, Religious Studies

410. Ciru Wainaina, PhD Student, English

411. Michelle Donnelly, PhD Student, History of Art

412. Julia Geiger, JD student, Yale Law School

413. Mich Miller, MFA, Painting & Printmaking

414. Nicole Boyd, PhD Student, History of Art

415. Furqan Jawed, MFA Student, School of Art

416. Samantha Callahan, Graduate Student, Yale School of Art

417. Mike Tully, MFA '22, Yale School of Art

418. Cat Wentworth, Graduate Student, Yale School of Art Graphic Design Department

419. Hannah Tjaden, MFA 2022, School of Art

420. Claire Swingle, MEM Yale School of the Environment

421. Jeania Ree Moore, PhD Student, African American Studies & Religious Studies

422. Nabil Harb, MFA Candidate, Yale School of Art

423. Elizabeth Buckheit, PhD Student, History Department

424. Alan Alaniz, PhD Student, School of Architecture

425. Aaron Kestle, Ph.D. Candidate, French

426. Ambre Dromgoole, PhD Candidate, African American Studies and Religious Studies

427. Megan Roy, MPH Candidate '21, YSPH SBS

428. Esther Kang, Graduate Student, YSPH CDE

429. Ann Basting, MPH Student, Public Health

430. Furqan Jawed, MFA Student, School of Art

431. Mark Firla, Senior Administrative Assistant, Laboratory Medicine

432. Jessica Flemming, MFA Candidate, Yale School of Art

433. Caroline Posner (YC ’18), Project Specialist, Yale School of Medicine

434. Kirsty Scott, PhD student, Physics

435. Sierra Wilde, PhD Student, Physics

436. Mark Gonzalez, PhD Student, Physics

437. Bianca Ibarlucea, MFA Candidate, Yale School of Art

438. Carrie Flynn, MD/PhD student, Yale School of Medicine

439. Hannah Kosman, PhD Candidate, French

440. Paola Odriozola, PhD Student, Psychology

441. Ariel Chang, PhD candidate, Psychology

442. Shannon Leslie, Graduate Student, Psychiatry

443. Emily Gerdin, PhD Candidate, Department of Psychology

444. Nicholas Frattini, PhD student, Applied Physics

445. Savannah Kandigian, PhD Student, Experimental Pathology

446. Jordan Foster, Post-Bac Research Fellow, Department of Psychology

447. Elizabeth Kitt, Graduate Student, Psychology

448. Kevin O. Juarez, MD candidate 2021, Yale School of Medicine

449. Rachel Perler, MPH '18, J.D. Candidate '22 (Teaching Fellow 2018, 2020-2021)

450. Max Jordan Nguemeni Tiako, Graduate student, Yale School of Medicine

451. Meghan Collins, PhD Student, Psychology

452. Jacob Curtis, PhD student, Physics

453. Sean Fulmer, Research Associate, SOM

454. Ka Ip, Postdoctoral Researcher, Department of Psychology

455. Marcus Alaimo, PhD candidate, English

456. Sophia Ptacek, MEM/MPH '24

457. Colette Le Brannan, JD student 2023, Yale Law School

458. Nathanael Cottet, Postodoctoral Associate, Applied Physics

459. Christine Pham, MPH Student, Public Health

460. Caroline Parker, Law '22

461. Willa Sachs, PhD Student, Sociology

462. Lindsay Stern, PhD Candidate, Comparative Literature

463. Bianca Ibarlucea, MFA Candidate, Yale School of Art

464. Shiv Rawal, J.D. Candidate, Yale Law School

465. Elizabeth Kitt, Graduate Student, Psychology

466. Pieter Krans, student, Yale SOM

467. Philip V. McHarris, PhD Candidate, Sociology & African American Studies

477. Megann Licskai, PhD Candidate, History/HSHM

478. Dalton Neu, MAR student, Yale Divinity School

479. Ryan Smith, MF, The Forest School, Yale School of the Environment

480. Drisana Misra, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures

481. Charles O'Malley, DFA Candidate, Yale School of Drama


1. Simeon Man, Associate Professor of History, UC San Diego (PhD 2012, American Studies)

2. A. Naomi Paik, Associate Professor, Asian American Studies, GWS, and History, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (PhD 2010, American Studies)

3. Zach Schwartz-Weinstein. (Alum, Yale College/American Studies.)

4. Brian Eugenio Herrera, Princeton University (PhD GRD '08, American Studies)

5. Adom Getachew, Assistant Professor University of Chicago (PhD 15)

6. Aaron Greenberg (PhD GRD '19, Political Science)

7. Kimberly Juanita Brown, Associate Professor, English and Creative Writing, Dartmouth College (PhD '06, African American Studies and American Studies)

8. Gabriel Winant, History, University of Chicago (GRD '18)

9. Alyssa Battistoni, Harvard University (PhD GRD '19, Political Science)

10. Hari Ramesh, College Fellow Harvard University, GRD '19

11. Sarah Haley, Associate Professor, Gender Studies, UCLA (PhD 2010 African American Studies/American Studies)

12. Shana L. Redmond, Professor, Musicology and African American Studies, UCLA (PhD GRD '08, African American Studies and American Studies)

13. Kaneesha Parsard, Assistant Professor, English, University of Chicago (PhD GRD ‘17, AMST, AFAM, and WGSS)

14. Tao Leigh Goffe, Assistant Professor, Africana Studies, Cornell University, (GSAS '15, American Studies)

15. Sebastián Pérez, Assistant Professor, English, Fairfield University (PhD GRD ‘20, American Studies; BA ‘10, Ethnicity, Race, & Migration and American Studies)

16. Ryan Jobson, Neubauer Family Assistant Professor, Anthropology, University of Chicago (PhD 2017, African American Studies & Anthropology)

17. Randa Tawil, Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies, Texas Christian University (PhD American Studies '20)

18. Damian Vergara Bracamontes, Assistant Professor, Gender and Women's Studies, UIUC (PhD '20, AMST and WGSS)

19. Juliet Nebolon, Assistant Professor, American Studies, Trinity College (PhD 2017, American Studies)

20. W. Chris Johnson, Assistant Professor, Women & Gender Studies and history, University of Toronto (PhD GRD '14, African American Studies & history)

21. Monica Muñoz Martinez, Associate Professor of History, University of Texas at Austin, (PhD American Studies, 2013)

22. Nicole Ivy, Assistant Professor, American Studies, The George Washington University

23. Cindy Hwang ’15 ART ’20

24. Holly Bushman, M.E.D ‘20, YSoA

25. Stephen Poland (PhD East Asian Languages & Literatures, 2016)

26. Alexander Taubes LAW 2015

27. Dominika Laster, Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance Suites, University of New Mexico (Postdoctoral Fellow 2011-2013)

28. Alex Beasley, Assistant Professor of American Studies, The University of Texas at Austin (PhD 2016, American Studies)

29. Michelle A. Morgan, PhD '17 AMST, Digital Accessibility Specialist

30. Sigma Colón, Environmental and Ethnic Studies, Lawrence University (PhD '17, American Studies)

31. Leslie Blatteau, New Haven Public Schools, GH 97 & GRD 07

32. Nathalie Batraville, Assistant Professor of Women's Studies, Concordia University (PhD 2016, French)

33. Sara Culver, Certified Nurse Midwife, Yale School of Nursing 2020

34. Lauren Anderson, Alum

35. Liam Bellman-Sharpe, Yale School of Drama 2020

36. Nicole Ivy, Assistant Professor, American Studies, The George Washington University

37. Sarah Arveson, Postdoctoral Researcher, UC Berkeley (PhD ‘20 Earth and Planetary Sciences)

38. Martin Fuchs, Postdoctoral Researcher, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics. (PhD ‘20 - Linguistics)

39. Peter Raccuglia, Assistant Professor, Institute of Humanities, ShanghaiTech University (PhD ‘20, English)

40. Charles Houston Decker, alum, GSAS Political Science

41. Joshua Stanley, alum (PhD ‘18, English)

42. Menglan Li, MArch-I 2019 Alumni, Yale School of Architecture

43. Lena Eckert-Erdheim (Alum, History)

44. Tobi kassim, alumni, English

45. Jorge Cuéllar, Mellon Faculty Fellow & Assistant Professor, Latin American, Latino & Caribbean Studies, Dartmouth College (PhD American Studies, 2019)

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