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ASE Virtual Panelist Application
Salutations & Well Met! The Atlanta Steampunk Exposition is committed to bringing the best entertainment, the wildest wonders, and the craziest contraptions to fans of Steampunk and all her allohistory cousins across the Southeast (USA) — and now, the world! Among our virtual programming is:

1. Livestreamed or pre-recorded panels and events hosted on our YouTube and/or Facebook pages.
2. Crafting circles and workshops, which may be presented free or for-a-fee, on Discord and Zoom.
3. Weekly content presented on our Discord server, including cooperative gaming, presentations, discussion groups, and talks.

We will be providing a virtual element along with our 2022 live show, the 4th annual Atlanta Steampunk Exposition: "Steampunk Atlantis!" presented Feb. 11th-13th, 2022, as well as continuing to host virtual events during the offseason leading up to the live show. If you would like to participate, please read the following rules and guidelines carefully:

* Applications are now OPEN and will remain open through the end of the year (Dec. 31st, 2021 at 11:59pm EST).

* The Atlanta Steampunk Expo uses platforms such as Discord, Zoom, and a virtual studio (StreamYard/OBS) to present or film in advance our virtual content. Experience with these platforms is recommended, but not required. If you do not have previous experience, you must be available to do a setup and tech test with our streaming team, which may be scheduled at your convenience. A rehearsal will additionally be scheduled with all participants (when applicable) prior to the show.

* All virtual content will be hosted by The Atlanta Steampunk Expo's official accounts. If you have a personal streaming account you would like content shared with, arrangements must be made in advance with our team.

* You may fill out more than one virtual panelist application form if you are submitting multiple panels for review. Submitting a form does not guarantee approval. We will be judging panel ideas based on (but not limited to): previous hosting experience (in-person or virtually), expertise, how it fits with our theme ("Steampunk Atlantis!"), opportunities for audience participation, and uniqueness of topic.

* All submitted panels will receive an automatic confirmation email/receipt. Please be sure to click all the way to the end and contact us if you do not see your automatic confirmation email from Google. (This receipt does not mean your panel has been accepted for the event.)

* A member of our team will reach out within 2 weeks of submitting. If you have any additional questions, please email us directly at

NOTE: If you are trying to apply as a panelist for our LIVE event, you may want to use the 2022 Panelist Application instead:
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Is this panel suitable for all ages? *
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Please let us know your experience presenting this type of panel or topic. You may include links to a website, shop, past presentations on YouTube, or any other specifications you think would help us in making our decision.
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By default, we will credit you by preferred alias + social media link. Please let us know if you have a shop or other personal site you would like us to link as well.
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By checking this box, you acknowledge that you will allow Atlanta Steampunk Expo to host, live stream, and/or re-upload a recording of your panel to our social media sites. Not all panels may be recorded. You may request Atlanta Steampunk Expo send a copy of your video file (.mp4), if one exists, with our convention logo present in one corner of the recording. Requests may be made up to 1 month following the panel date. *
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