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2019 Vineworks Tasting Room
Hello lovely people! Welcome to Vineworks Korea registration link :)
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form.
It just helps us to improve and tailor our service for you!

PLEASE, SEND US A MESSAGE(010-3246-2310) AFTER THE PAYMENT IS COMPLETED (with your name and name of event and date)

Cancellation Policy:
If you can't come 4 hours before event, we could exchange for wine.
If you can't make it 12 hours before event we can transfer your ticket to another date.
If cancel before 24 hours, we can refund.

1. Which events are you registering for? 신청을 원하시는 이벤트를 선택해주세요. *
Feel free to choose more than one event! 중복 선택이 가능합니다. For more event info:
2. Name 성함 *
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3. Contact number 연락처 (ex.010-xxxx-xxxx) *
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4. Email 이메일
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5. If you have accompanying person, please write down their name. 동반 인원이 있으신 경우, 동반인의 성함을 모두 기입해주세요.
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6. Please write down accompanying person's phone number. 동반 인원이 있으신 경우, 동반인의 연락처를 기입해주세요. (ex.010-xxxx-xxxx)
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7. Did you complete to send the joining fee? 참가비 입금 여부를 확인해주세요. *
Bank account: KB 국민은행 762301-04-257428 ASHWORTHIAN (바인웍스코리아) 참가신청은 입금 후 최종 완료됩니다 :) Your seat will be confirmed after payment.
8. How did you find this event? 이벤트를 알게되신 경로는? *
9. Would you like to join the membership for all sorts of wine discounts and offers? Vineworks 커뮤니티에 가입하시는 것에 동의합니까? *
Event schedules & useful wine info will be send via your email or SMS. 와인 이벤트 일정 및 유용한 와인 정보가 이메일 또는 문자를 통해 수신됩니다.
10. If you have Vineworks voucher, please write the place/organization where you got it. 바인웍스 바우처를 소지하신 분들께서는 당첨 출처를 명시 해 주세요 :)
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