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Does religious freedom favor some religions over others?
Religious freedom laws may harm more than they help, says Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, professor of politics and religion at Northwestern University.

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1. Religious freedom protects all people.
2. Current laws limit me from fully practicing my faith.
3. Current laws prevent other people from fully practicing their faith but not me.
4. Religious freedom empowers some religions over others.
5. Religious freedom laws place more value on religious people than nonreligious people.
6. Laws should protect people because they’re human, not because of their religion.
7. Religious freedom should be protected through international and national laws and legislation.
8. Religious freedom is a distinctly American value.
9. I am aware of current religious freedom laws in the United States.
10. There is nothing more important for Catholics than religious freedom.
11. U.S. Catholics are at risk without religious freedom laws.
12. I am a Catholic who has experienced religious persecution.
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