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Application to Seek Funding for an Annual Edheads’ Membership
This application is an indication that the teacher or school below would like an Annual Edheads’ Membership to be paid for by a donor. Completing this application is in no way a guarantee that such funding will be forthcoming. Edheads will make an honest effort to secure funding with your help, as explained below, but cannot and will not guarantee that funding will be available to all teachers and schools that apply. ***Your efforts to promote your request for a membership will have the biggest impact on likelihood of funding. Reach out to classroom parents, your PTA, and area businesses and ask for their help!***
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How many students would the membership serve? *
This membership would be for: *
Edheads will actively look for donors, however, your help is needed to reach donors in your area. Help fund your membership by getting the word out on social media through classroom, school, PTO or student and parent social media accounts. Please note: posts must be public for Edheads and others to share or re-tweet them. *
Please list where you will be posting, including the URL. *
Please indicate the percent of students at your school that receive free/reduced lunches or are low-income. *
Please indicate in 1-3 sentences how you plan to use the Edheads’ membership. Example: We have a math review we do using the Design a Cell Phone game. This is preparation for the state standardized test for 5th graders. *
Please submit a visual that supports your request for funding. Edheads will post it on social media to help promote your request. This could be a photo of students, artwork, a whiteboard with student statements about Edheads or STEM, or even a graphic of why the students want the membership. It could also be a brief video (60 seconds or less), or an image of your students’ future in STEM. Be creative, and keep it suitable for social media. ***The more creative, the more likely it is that donors will notice your request. To submit your visual, please email it to with Subj: Teacher Application Visual. Be sure to include your name and school in the email so we can put the visual with the correct application. *
Edheads requests that all teachers receiving memberships through this campaign write a thank you letter or have their students create thank you notes or artwork to send to the donor by no later than February 24, 2017. These notes will be sent to Edheads and forwarded on to the donors. Teachers who do not thank their donors will be ineligible for funding help in the future. *
There may be a short survey for recipients of membership funding to provide feedback about who is using the memberships, how often, and for what purposes. *
Again, Edheads cannot guarantee funding for a membership. If your membership request is funded, we will contact you via the email address you provided and ask you to set up your account in our online system. Once you have notified Edheads that your account is ready, we will convert it to a full membership. *
This application is in no way a guarantee of a free membership. Edheads will use the school name, teacher initial (ex- S. Mogan), city and state during the social media campaign and to promote the donation drive. All images included with the application are property of the school or teacher, but Edheads has the right to use them for said social media campaign and donation drive. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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