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Nourish My Soul Volunteer Application
Our Mission: Nourish My Soul is dedicated to improving the food system through community based agriculture, nutrition education, and youth empowerment while advocating for food sovereignty. Food is the catalyst used to connect communities, encourage stewardship, and inspire new leaders in the food movement.
Are you passionate about building a sustainable local food system? Do you believe in the power of food to heal communities? We would love to have you join our awesome group of volunteers that come from all different backgrounds, each bringing something very valuable to our table. There are many layers to our food system, and there are ways for just about everyone to participate. We welcome you to fill out this application so we can find the best place to harness your skills and passion - together we CAN make a difference!
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We know how unique each person is, and we all have so much more to offer than what can fit in our form. We would like to know what those special things about you are - please tell us about any other interests or talents you have (* come on, we know there is something really interesting about you that you can share with us...) *
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I agree to attend an orientation training that is appropriate to the job I am volunteering for. Afterwards I will work with Nourish My Soul to develop a schedule for my volunteer work that I will commit to. If I am no longer able to fulfill my commitment, I will make sure the staff at Nourish My Soul has been notified as soon as possible. I understand that I will be held to the same standard as Nourish My Soul staff members, and as such my volunteer position can be terminated for misconduct.
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