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Interest in Offline Learning Option
*Please note, this is NOT an in-person option.  Offline refers to work that is not computer-based.

We strongly encourage that our students remain active in the virtual classroom.  The instruction in an online environment is interactive, intended to be engaging and provides much more support than an offline option.

Understanding that not all families can engage consistently in an offline effort, we are working to find solutions.
In an effort to better meet the needs of our community, we are offering an offline option.  This is a paper-based option where the support for completing the work comes primarily from the adults/providers outside of school. The curriculum sources for this option will vary based on needs and interests of our children, feedback from kids, and adults, and our unending pursuit of worthwhile investigation, for learning, skill building and practice.  

Opportunities for students to meet, virtually, for questions, feedback, support, and assessment will be a regularly scheduled.  This will NOT equate to the minutes provided in our current online environment.

We will contact you about next steps, including where to get your packet, within 24-hours after receiving news of your interest.

If you are interested in this option, we ask you to submit a separate form for EACH child.
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Do you plan to participate in the offline option?  We know decisions can difficult.  You may make this decision at any time, and will have up to two weeks to change your mind.
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