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Honors Connections Peer Mentor Application
The Honors College Peer Mentoring Program is designed to help first-year students adjust to life at UB and to the Honors College experience. Our intent is that through this program, our incoming students feel welcome at UB and excited to be a part of the Honors College family.

As an Honors Connections Mentor, you will be asked to communicate with your assigned first-year student(s) within two weeks of receiving their contact information, meet with your mentee(s) during the first two weeks of classes, encourage participation in Honors College and campus-wide activities and help answer general questions or concerns your mentee(s) may have. In general, we hope that a mentor will help make the transition to college a little easier for our new Honors College scholars.

**If selected, Honors Peer Mentors will be required to turn in a mini-profile of themselves to be shared with their peer mentee(s), including a photo.**

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In an effort to further connect our mentors with mentees and all first-year honors scholars, we are looking for mentors who might be willing to extend their mentor experience beyond the initial communications with a mentee. Would you be willing to participate in first-year student programming (led by Honors Advisors) related to HUB, registration, schedule builder, getting involved on campus, etc? *
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