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Steak Donburi 2nd generation restaurant (franchise in Taiwan area/oversea)
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國內加盟/海外代理 national / oversea franchising
預計開店地區 Potential restaurant area *
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店面 Store location *
虎丼官方宣傳影片 Steak Donburi official branding
創業預算 Start up funding *
希望開店時間 Expected date of opening *
姓名 Name *
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手機 Cellular phone *
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合夥關係 Partnership *
是否有經商(創業)經驗? 請詳填說明 Do you have any start-up experience in business? *Please detail* *
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您是從何處得知虎丼的加盟訊息? Where do you get the information of franchising of Steak Donburi restaurant? *
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其他備註(若有背景經歷,或相關項目得以加分,請於此處填寫。)Other remarks(for background or relevant bonus points,please fill in here.) *
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