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OHM ENERGY Customer Questionnaire
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The following questions pertain to electrical issues noted in the facility:
1. Are the electrical bills unusually high? *
2. Are "demand charges" a large proportion of the bill? *
3. Is the facility being charged penalties for low power factor? *
4. Are you experiencing frequent equipment failures? *
5. Are you having to replace equipment and electronics frequently? *
6. Do you have LED lighting installed? *
7. Are the LED lights prematurely failing? *
8. Do you experience frequent electricity surges or transient voltage events? *
9. Has equipment damage resulted from these events? *
The following questions pertain to your particular business needs:
1. Does the business require steady, smooth and reliable electricity? *
2. Do you anticipate adding any equipment that may significantly raise power consumption, within the next 6 months? *
2. a. If you are adding equipment, what type?
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3. Is there motorized equipment with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)? *
3. a. If so, please list the equipment:
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4. Is there currently a capacitor bank or power conditioner installed? *
4. a. If yes, please list the type, and year of installation (certain capacitor banks may only last 6 years before failure):
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5. Is the present electrical system: *
6. Is the present electrical system configuration: *
7. System Frequency (Hertz): *
8. System Voltage: *
9. Does the business have a dedicated electrician? *
10. How soon do you need reduced electrical bills and protection from transient voltage damage in your facility? *
Thank you for providing this information, as it assists Ohm Energy Technologies in determining the best solution for your business. At our upcoming meeting, please provide the last 12 to 24 months of electrical utility bills (including kWh usage and itemization of charges), so we may determine the expected ROI of installing the Ohm Energy Guardian for your facility(s).
Ohm Energy Technologies, Inc.
125 Kumano Drive
Makawao, HI 96768
Mark Ware, CTO (208) 250-7048
Shauna Ault, President (208) 250-9665
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