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KIWA (Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance) Interest Form
KIWA is a community based organization located in Koreatown. Our mission is to empower Koreatown’s immigrant workers in low-wage industries for dignity and respect in the workplace and community, and to work together with other communities to realize a vision of a just Los Angeles. We are one of the nation’s most established workers centers, and are one of few community groups that organizes both Korean and Latinx workers. Our vision is to bring together workers, community members, and students in a broad, multi-ethnic coalition.

KIWA welcomes interns based on their skills and interests and the needs of the organization. Interns are expected to work between 10 and 20 hours per week, including some weekend events. Applicants should be knowledgeable of or interested in social and economic justice and immigrants’ rights. We gladly work with colleges/university to collaborate on capstones or for class credit.

KIWA welcomes volunteers based on their skills and interests and the needs of the organization. Volunteers contribute to KIWA in an ad hoc basis, supporting specific projects, events, or actions and can volunteer for as many or as little hours as they have available. We're particularly looking for volunteers who are bilingual in English/Spanish or English/Korean.

There are four, 3-month internship/volunteer periods for which one can apply:
Fall: October – December
Winter: January – March
Spring: April – June
Summer: July – September
We are looking for two interns in each work area:

Please fill out this application and a KIWA staff member will contact you regarding your desired internship/volunteer period. If you have any other questions, please email

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