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Wisconsin Rapids Dog Park Survey
Please fill out this survey with as much information as you are able to. If you have any questions, please call (715) 421-8240, or email Dawn Desorcy (
Where do you live?
How many dogs do you own?
If you currently utilize a dog park, which dog park do you visit most often?
Your answer
If you currently utilize a dog park, how often do you visit it?
If you do not currently utilize the park, would you visit a new dog park?
When would you use a dog park?
Would you be willing to pay a membership or user fee to assist with upkeep and maintenance of a dog park?
Do you have a preference or suggestion for a dog park location?
If you currently visit the dog park, how do you get there (i.e., drive or walk)?
Your answer
Which amenities do you feel are important in a dog park? Rank 1 being LEAST important, and 5 being MOST important.
Running Water
Shed/Storage Area
Small Dog Area
How might you be interested in helping out with the park?
If you are interested in volunteering time or contributing financially to the dog park, please include your name and phone number here!
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Are there any additional items you would like us to consider?
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