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Button Automation Reporting a Problem
Please fill this form out to inform Button Automation of a problem with your automation service.

Your responses in this form will be viewed and addressed between the hours of 9:00am - 9:00pm Eastern USA.
If you are reporting your problem outside that timeframe and your "in the transaction" has been 0.00 for more than 1 hour please start pushing the button yourself to re-invest your funds until automation can be restored.
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Button Automation is NOT affiliated with COTPS. If there are any problem with the COTPS website, server, reporting or anything else, there is nothing Button Automation can do to fix it. All of those possible changes or problems could affect the automations ability to run. Button Automation is not responsible for any missed trades. It is your responsibility to check your account. *
Click box to confirm you understand.... manually pushing the button myself when "in the transaction" is NOT 0.00 will BREAK THE AUTOMATION. *
If "in the transaction" (circled in orange) is ANY amount other than 0.00 then your Automation is probably WORKING fine. If it has been at 0.00 for more than 1 hour fill out this form.
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