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Whose FBI File Are You FOIAing, and Why?
Before you send out your FOIA request for a deceased person's FBI file, please fill out this questionnaire so we can collect some structured data about the types of folks we (as a class) are interested in.

Very few of the answers to these questions are required in the FOIA request. However, they are answers that you should have if you've done enough research about your subject.
Email address *
Name and bio
First Name
Middle name
Last Name
e.g. Jr., Sr., III, etc.
Nickname (if any)
Clear selection
Descriptive biography
Write briefly on how this person is primarily known, e.g. "Jane Addams was known as the 'mother of social work' and was the second woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize"
Main category
Which of the following categories best describes this person's most well-known accomplishments?
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Secondary category
How else is this person's achievements most popularly categorized?
Clear selection
Death, known facts and circumstances
Proof of death (description)
Proof of death (URL)
Age at death
Date of death
Place of death
Cause of death
Other biographical information
If nothing else, at least the year
U.S. citizen?
Clear selection
Known felon?
Was it well known that this person had been tried and/or convicted for a (not necessarily federal) felony? So "Yes" for Al Capone. And "Yes" for Muhammad Ali, even though his conviction for draft evasion was overturned. Probably "No" for Frank Sinatra. "No" for Rosa Park. If the answer is "Yes", write a brief description. If not, or if you don't know, leave blank.
Subject of federal investigation or inquiry?
Was this person ever targeted in a publicly-known federal (not necessarily FBI) investigation, even if no charges resulted? If "Yes", write a brief description. Leave blank for "No" or "I don't know"
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