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Discipleship Group Leader Application
"A disciple of Christ disciples others by helping them to follow Christ." —Mark Dever

Our Discipleship Groups are a central (no pun intended) part of our ministry!
We pray that through our DG's disciples of Christ will be made, matured, and multiplied.

We are looking for humble, teachable, servant leaders who love the Lord, love the Word, and love the Church (God's people)!

This position applies to the 2017-2018 academic year (Sept-April).

Application Requirements
1) You are a member of Central Church (completed membership class)
2) You are a rising Junior or Senior (to lead College DG's)
3) Any Young Adult and Family Group member may apply to lead Young Adult DG's.

Time commitment:
1) Leaders Meeting every Saturday 8am-1030am.
2) Bible Studies: Thurs Night 7pm (Young Adults), Friday Night 7pm (College)

1) Faithfully leading and teaching Bible Studies (as reviewed in meetings)
2) Striving to live "above reproach" (private and public character)
3) Communicating weekly with your DG
4) Contacting absent DG members (Fridays and Sundays)
5) Meeting with DG members and praying with them and for them
6) Regularly spending time with the Lord in the Word and prayer
7) Building relationships within DG (planning fellowship events)
8) Volunteering at the Pittsburgh Food Bank with DG

Application Deadline: Sunday August 13th
1st Leaders Meeting: Saturday Sept 2nd 8am
1st Discipleship Groups: Thurs 9/14 (Young Adults) & Fri 9/15 (College)

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Are you an official member of Central Church? *
How long have you attended Central Church? *
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Please check which group you are interested in leading. Young Adults may lead a college group, however, you may be asked to lead a YA group if needed. *
Have you led a Central Church Discipleship Group in the past? *
Who was your last DG Leader? (if applicable)
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What did you gain/learn the most from your last DG? (if applicable)
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How do you feel God is leading you to become/remain a DG leader? What circumstances, people, experiences affected your decision to apply/reapply? *
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Are you more gifted in serving or speaking/teaching? How have you used these gifts in the past? *
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Why is having a heart of hospitality important for a DG Leader? Would others describe you as a "people person"? Explain. *
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The goal of DG's is to "make, mature, and multiply disciples of Christ." In what ways are you currently helping to make, mature, and multiply disciples of Christ? *
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Which is more important: Character or Competency. Why? *
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Describe your devotional life (bible reading and prayer). *
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Share something that impacted you recently from your bible reading. *
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What would you say is the point of having small groups? *
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Who are your favorite Christian authors? List some of your favorite Christian books. *
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Are you comfortable sharing your faith with others or inviting people to church? Have you evangelized to anyone in the past 6 months? How did that go? *
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What is the Gospel? Explain the "bad news" and the "good news." *
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How can you tell (to the best of your ability) if someone is truly a Christian? *
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Are you comfortable confronting others? How would you go about addressing one of your DG member's sin? *
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Is there any reason why someone else in the church may have reservations with you becoming a DG leader? If so, explain. *
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What excites you about being a DG leader? *
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