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Textiles throughout Covid_19
Did you make masks, PPE or use embroidery and textiles to make things in response to the Pandemic?

Textiles is a huge part of the identity of Kirklees and continues to play a valuable part of our local experience of the Pandemic. We want to reflect on and celebrate this and are looking for people who have and are turning to their sewing machines during the lockdown. You may have helped to make much needed supplies, masks and PPE or you may have used the time to get creative through embroidery and textile processes. You might have taken up sewing for the first time, be a practised hand or be a business that has had to refocus. Perhaps you used textiles to help you feel connected to others? We want to hear your story and share images, films and demonstrations of what you created for an online resource we are creating to be showcased during the WOVEN festival in June 2021.

Tell us about the things that you have made here so we can add them to our collection.

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