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Volunteer Questionnaire
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Development Team - Raise funds for specific initiatives that are approved by the VBJI Board, grant writers, compile an ongoing list of vendors & sponsors for events, obtain donations for internal & external needs.
Volunteer Relations - Manage or assist with volunteer process to include intake of volunteer forms and input info into our database. Send greeting emails within 48 hour. Inform volunteers once background checks are completed.Conduct orientation and training of new volunteers.
Public Events and Education - Volunteers with a background in any of the following topics who are willing to travel locally and give presentations or assist with local community interest meetings. Includes setting up projectors, information tables, refreshments, and answering questions.
Administrative Team - Create Letters as needed, take notes (monthly meeting, HRCAT meetings or other events we may attend), track events and projects as well as monthly budget, update donor list, maintain updated speaking engagement list, and phone line.
Media and Community Relations Team - Update social media & website. Contribute to newsletters and update emails via MailChimp. Create video campaigns & training videos. Graphic designer editors for projects as needed. A/R or IT help.
Legal Research - Research and compile information as needed, assist with legal advocacy during legislative sessions.
Church Mobilization - Contact area churches to engage them in public awareness, to update them on the work of VBJI, and to elicit partnerships in meeting victim needs.
Business Outreach - Contact area businesses likely to encounter victims of trafficking, provide brief awareness packet, and enlist their assistant in identifying and reporting victim. Business Outreach is also for the purpose of identifying potential employers willing to hire victims or re-art or remove tattoos of brands on victims.
Victim Advocacy - This 40 hour advocacy training course is for those who desire to work directly with victims of trafficking. It consists of a combination of presentations by local professionals, multi-media presentations, role playing, and a panel interview and psychological evaluation.
Choosing your Background Check Screening Level
All volunteers with VBJI are required to complete a background check. Volunteers who would like to work directly with victims are required to complete a higher level of screening. If you plan to volunteer in a non-victim related capacity (Church Mobilization, Business Outreach, etc), select Level 1 Screening. If you plan to work with victims, select Level 2 Screening. If you are not planning to work with victims immediately, but think you might like to work with victims in the future, we suggest you choose Level 2 Screening now. Otherwise, it will be necessary for you complete the check in the future when you start working with victims, and you will be required to pay again.
Screening Level Desired *
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