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CREATIVE EUROPE FORUM 2017 (Re)positioning of the (South Eastern) European region(s) through culture
Dear colleagues,

You are looking at a questionnaire dealing with the topic of networking the region of South Eastern Europe and its positioning in the international framework.

We are kindly inviting you to participate through your answering fifteen questions in the research the results of which can be useful in various ways for strategic planning of cultural development of countries in South Eastern Europe.

The results will be published in a publication and presented and discussed at a regional conference organised by the Creative Europe Desk Serbia, Creative Europe Forum 2017, from 18th to 21st April in Belgrade.

If you wish to do so, we will be grateful if you forward our questionnaire to your colleagues.

The questions are in English and we are kindly asking you to reply in English, but if this is difficult for you, you can reply in your mother tongue and we will translate.

Thank you for answering our questions!

If you left your email address, we will inform you about the results of the project.

If you wish to follow the activities of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia, you can do this through our website, newsletter, Facebook page and Instagram.

Thank you and kindest regards,

Team of the Creative Europe Desk Serbia

Dimitrije Tadić, Head of the Desk
Nina Mihaljinac, Project Manager
Milan Đorđević, Project Manager

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Do you think regional networking of South Eastern Europe would significantly contribute to a faster and better development of individual countries of the region and their better positioning in Europe and the world? *
Do you think that this networking is a CONDITION for better positioning? *
In your opinion, what is the most important strategy of development of the South Eastern Europe region? *
Please explain why: *
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In your opinion, what is the thing that the region of South Eastern Europe is primarily recognised by in Europe? *
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Do you think the region of South Eastern Europe has a positive or a negative image in Europe? *
If your answer is negative, please state in what way and through which channels could this image be changed and improved: *
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Are there uniform common strengths of the cultural sector in South Eastern Europe? If so, what do you think these are? *
Do you know of some organisations, programmes or projects which can contribute to the development of the region (what opportunities are there)? *
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In your opinion, what is the greatest obstacle to networking and development of the region in the cultural sector? *
Do you think cultural projects are (self-)exoticising the countries of South Eastern Europe? *
If you have something to add to the topic of developing regional cooperation in South Eastern Europe, please state it here:
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