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NOVICE: ESCOs Questionnaire
The International Energy Research Centre (IERC), located in Cork, Ireland, is coordinating NOVICE – New Buildings Energy Renovation Business Models incorporating dual energy services, a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (for more information you can visit

The purpose of this questionnaire is through engagement with ESCOs to understand better the market structure and potential of a dual energy services scheme. This would be an enhancement of the existing services to include demand side response and the associated revenue streams.
Demand Side Response is a unique and powerful application used by Grid System Operators to reduce electricity consumption at peak and critical times across industrial and commercial clients. Commercial sites are paid to participate and contribute to a greener, more cost-effective grid, reducing the need for inefficient backup power stations and providing vital balancing requirements.
Currently this service is offered by specialist companies independently who contract with electricity grid operators and reduce electricity consumption on sites based on demand notification from the grid operator.
This revenue stream combined either through partnering or internally, with your own energy services revenue stream holds the potential to increase project viability, increase overall project revenue and accelerate your project pipeline.
Please feel free to forward the link to this questionnaire to other ESCOs/ESCO experts.
This survey is quite brief and should take 10 minutes to complete.

Disclaimer: All information gathered in the questionnaires will be anonymised at the acquisition time. The final version of this project derivable will be public but all the input data will be aggregated and we will not identify any participant.
In order to reward you for your participation, we would like to share with you the results of our research (analysis of the questionnaires).
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