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St. Columba's Parish-wide Survey
New task forces at St. Columba’s are currently doing research and discernment about our worship, stewardship, and communications. As part of this effort, we seek to learn more about the feelings, experience, and ideas of all St. Columbans.

Please take this survey and let us know how you feel. It should take about 15 minutes. All responses will be completely anonymous unless you choose otherwise.

Thank you for your help!

Overall, how satisfied are you with your current worship experience at St. Columba’s?
How satisfied are you with each of the following aspects of worship at St. Columba’s?
Very satisfied
Very dissatisfied
How often do you have any of the following experiences because of worship at St. Columba’s?
Every time I worship
Often but not every time
About half the time
Only occasionally
I learn important things about Scripture.
I learn something that I can directly apply to my daily life.
I feel a strong emotional connection to God.
I feel a strong emotional connection to the St. Columba’s community.
I feel inspired when I leave church.
In your own words, what do you connect with most deeply in current worship at St. Columba’s? What is most meaningful to you?
Your answer
In your own words, what needs or desires do you have that are not being fulfilled in current worship at St. Columba’s?
Your answer
Approximately what year did you begin coming to St. Columba’s?
Your answer
About how often do you attend worship at St. Columba’s?
8 am Nave
9 am Nave
9:15 Great Hall
11:15 Nave
11:15 Great Hall
Which regular worship service do you attend most frequently?
If you do not attend that service, which, if any, are you most likely to attend instead?
When there was a regular Sunday 5 pm service offered in the Nave, did you ever attend this service?
When the Live@5 service was offered some Sundays at 5 pm in the Great Hall, did you ever attend this this service?
Have you participated in any of the following worship ministries during the past 12 months?
Lay Eucharistic ministers
Readers or intercessors
Healing ministry
Choir or other music ministry
Vergers and sacristans
Altar guild
Flower guild
If St. Columba’s were to create a new worship experience, which of the following times would generally be most convenient for you? Rank these in order from most (#1) to least convenient (#5).
A weekday late afternoon or evening
Saturday late afternoon or evening
Sunday morning
Sunday late afternoon
Sunday evening
Below is a list of possible features of this new worship experience. How interested are you in each feature?
Very interested
Somewhat interested
Not very interested
Not at all interested
Extended periods of silence
Chant and/or Taize
Use of the labyrinth
Contemporary worship music using acoustic guitars and piano
Contemporary worship music using electric guitars and drums
The participation and leadership of laypersons
Theatrical or dramatic performance
Worship outdoors
A less formal atmosphere than the typical Nave service
Welcoming to younger children (0-7)
Welcoming to older children (8-12)
Welcoming to youth (13-18)
In your own words, what would an ideal new worship experience look like?
Your answer
If you had to choose, which do you think is the higher priority for a new worship experience?
If you were to attend this new worship service, do you think it would replace the one you typically attend?
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