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Mettlesome Project Proposal
Thanks for your interest in submitting a Project Proposal to Mettlesome. We define a "Project" as a creative idea with a defined scope. You will define this scope, your goals, and what you're seeking from Mettlesome here. Proposals are excepted on a rolling bases and anyone may propose a Project to Mettlesome. Sponsorship is granted based on a majority vote of the Stakeholders.

Importantly, if a project is approved to be sponsored by Mettlesome, you will retain your intellectual property rights and Mettlesome will take measures to provide:
- Unobtrusive mentorship
- Connections with other artists or community members who may be able to help with the project
- Connections with venues
- Branding materials
- Cross promotion with other Mettlesome events
- Assistance with advertising
- Production assistance
- Quality control

Captain(s): *
Each Project must have a Captain(s) associated with it. If you're filling out this form, you're probably the Captain. Typically, the Captain will be the driving creative force behind the Project. The Captain is accountable to for the goals of the Project and for working with a Mettlesome Sponsor to to see the Project to completion. The Captain is also in charge of the day-to-day management of the Project (unless otherwise delegated in the Project Proposal).
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Contact Info: *
Please provide an email & phone number for the Captain(s)
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Project Title: *
This may be altered at a late date.
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Vision for the Project (i.e. Whatcha wanna make?) *
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Scope of the Project: *
How long it will take to create your Project? How long would you want it to run? If it's an extended run, at what point would you want to reassess and reevaluate goals?
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Goal: *
What is a tangible outcome you want to reach? You may define the metric based and whatever impact you wish to achieve (i.e. audience size, number of downloads, monetary gain, etc).
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Budget: *
Take an initial pass at what a budget would look like for the Project. If your Project has a public performance, are you planning on paying the crew for the evening (box office, tech, house manager, photographer)? Will Captain be paid for their efforts? Will any additional directing/coaching/consulting be paid? Will cast or performers be paid? Venue costs? Production costs?
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Anticipated production needs: *
This may include materials, tech, crew, etc.
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What are you hoping from a relationship with Mettlesome? How can we help you? *
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Anything else?
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Good luck!
Projects may be turned down for a myriad of reasons: it may not fit with our goals, we may be supporting too many projects to accept another, it may be too similar to other existing projects, or a number of other reasons. If your project is not approved, we encourage you to resubmit, reframe, or just do it without us.
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